Sunday, May 21, 2006


It really has been a blissful weekend. Yesterday I went to the crop in Edinburgh and had a lovely day. I completed 2 LOs and was struggling with a third, so I put it away and just had a chat to the other ladies. This morning I woke about 4 o'clock and the LO came together in my head. Yesterday I had been struggling with the theme/journalling/title, but once it came, then I knew what LO I wanted to do. Emily was away on a girl guide camp (poor thing, it has been raining most of the time), and DH and son went up to Killin hillwalking so I was all alone. this is where the blissful bit comes in. I am rarely alone and I really treasure the peace and the lack of interuptions. So today I did the 4 o'clock LO, cleaned my scrap area, and gardened. I cooked a lovely beef curry and now I am about to have a glass of red wine. Like I said- a perfect day. Thought I would show you the LO I did, and the mess I create when I scrap.

I love these photos of Emily when she was little, even though the quality isn't great, due to being taken prescrapping, and being scanned and enlarged. She just looks so darned cute in her daggy outfit, and struggling to put her coat on (wrongly). For me this is what scrapping is about, capturing those small moments that would otherwise be forgotten.

So here is my kitchen table where I scrap. What you can't see is the desk with the sewing machine and the asociated mess and the floor all around strewn with paper. I know lots of people have craft rooms, but I like scrapping here, usually the kids are hanging out here, watching telly, or on the computer, and even though I have to clean up for meals etc, I like not being shut away in another room. Anyway, it is all tidied up now.

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Heather said...

Aww your LO is just lovely! These kinds pictures of out little ones, good or bad just have to be scrapped. It reflects them so well.