Monday, May 29, 2006

Thank goodness for scrapping!

It has been a full on day at work today. People just don't like change much, do they? Thank goodness I can come home and think scrapping. It really takes my mind off work, egos and other related issues. I have been flicking through 'Scrapbook Answers'. I really like that magazine, and must look at the CD tonight. I have also been browsing 'Clean and Simple - the sequel'. It is a great book for learning about design principles, but I don't think it is my preferred style. It is rather like a classic tailored suit- You know it will always look good and stand the test of time, but it is rather grown up and not a lot of fun. I enjoy the challenge of something a bit more funky, and fun, which brings me to 'Freestyle.' I am loving that book! I love that scrapping freestyle allows your personality to come through. I love that scrapping freestyle challenges your creativity and I love that scrapping freestyle gets away from commercial, and somewhat cliched, scrapbooking. However I think there is a place for both styles, and am thinking of making a 'clean and simple' album for my husband to show off his beloved scottish hills. They are so gorgeous, that they do not need a lot of embellishment (which he hates anyway).
Anyway, I have decided to post 'SAND', my first attempt at a 'freestyle' LO. I don't know if it would be considered freestyle by the style police, but it is for me, cause everything is kind of homemade. And I am very happy with it.
What do you think?


Sue said...

Its Great Pam..its always scarey trying something new ..i love experimenting but they don'y always turn out right! LOL

Heather said...

Ooo it works well for me, I love trying new things, makes life much more interesting! I make such a mess experimenting but who cares haha! Freestyle is GOOD!

Laura G said...

This is fab- fantastic flow to it!

Donswishes blog said...

its a brilliant lo!gonna buy the book!