Sunday, May 14, 2006

Waltzing through life

Waltzing through life

It has been a very busy weekend. I decided to try a few of the Not Going To Bonanza challenges on UKScrappers. However the weather here in Edinburgh was idyllic and having a garden full of weeds (and a house badly in need of a clean) meant there was a conflict of interests. Hubby was up and away hillwalking at the crack of dawn on Saturday, so at least I was able to organise my time according to my wishes.
Now I am in the fortunate position of having a 13 year old daughter who loves housework and is very good at it, so with the promise of some extra pocket money she set about cleaning the bathrooms, the lounge, hall and her room, while I scrapped. I made 4 season tags, a LO based on a printed advertisement, and a birthday card, but my heart wasn't really in it. I scrap mainly for myself and sometimes I find these challenges mean doing things I'm not that interested in, although I appreciate sometimes it is good to push yourself to try different things. I am not a fast scrapper, I like to mull over ideas in my head, (usually about 4 o'clock in the morning!!!), so challenges with tight time frames don't really suit me either. Anyway, that was Saturday morning.
In the afternoon I got to work in my garden and pretty well got the weeds under control. As an Australian, used to only minor seasonal changes, it never fails to astound me how the garden bursts into life in May. I must post some pictures of my garden one day as I think it is lovely.
On Saturday night I mangaged three more challenges- an altered alphabet title one, another page for my book of me, and a scraplift of Dawn Evans' gorgeous LO 'a little boy'. Dawn's can be seen at 'A Trip Down Memory Lane' design team gallery for May. My page for my book of me has the only photo I have of me as a young child, when I was about 4 years old so I used a scan of it on my LO. It is not very good quality, but as I said, it's the only one I have. I was the fifth child of seven in my family, we lived in a remote part of the Australian outback, so photos were rarely taken. The few that were taken have been lost and scattered among family members over the years.
This morning we all had a rare sleep in. We didn't get up until around 8:30. Hubby went and did the food shopping, as usual. I surfed the net a bit. I took Emily shopping at MacArthur Glen at Livingstone. I am not much of a shopper myself, I'm not interested in clothes, but love the Next outlet. It is huge and there is always a bargain to be had- I hate paying full price for anything!! Emily came away with 5 tops, so she was happy and I picked up two sweatshirts for Jack too. Went to the papermill shop, but there was nothing I wanted. However at The Bananaroom, (publishers outlet) I picked up 3 sets of unmounted stamps, some water colour paper, 3 canvases, and some pearl watercolour paints. I am looking forward to having a play with them.
Emily and I had lunch in one of the cafes, rather than the food court- she loves that, it makes her feel so grown up- ladies who lunch- and she ordered fruit tea as she has quite sophisticated tastes for a teenager.
When we came home I did another UK challenge, this time the journalling one. I would love to win that one- the prize is a creative writing course and I would like to incorporate more journalling into my scrapping, so a writing course would really challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone. So tonight I have done a bit of cleanig of the kitchen/family room (where I scrap) so that it is not too much of a midden when I go to work tomorrow.


Donswishes blog said...

lovely page i love the colour scheme, I want a 13 year old that loves housework! i dont think theres much hope of that here i have two boys!!

Heather said...

I also want a 13 year old who loves housework, my 13 year old is a boy and useless, unless followed with a BIG stick!

Oh Pam, your page stuck a chord with me. I grew up in the west end of Glasgow but there are NO pictures of me under 5 to be found anywhere. I have one photo taken in Mothers lounge room in which sat a frame with a picture of me at around 2 yrs old and my baby brother in front of me. She has no idea where it went???

Precious pictures eh?

Heather said...

Nice to see your blog, Pam.

Great that your daughter enjoys doing housework. I hope Lucy grows up with the character trait!

Aw, you just have one photo of you as a baby? :( I like the layout you've done using the photo.