Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What a production!

Waltzing through life

We all had a laugh at work today. It was an inservice day and we were 'teambuilding'. Now I normally hate team building, but today was different. There are about 50 of us and we were set the task of producing a play, ready for performing, by 2:30 in the afternoon- costumes, make up, publicity, sets - everything. I worked on publicity. My scrapping skills came in useful for producing a poster, fliers, advertisments etc. the teams doing sets and costumes excelled, as did the actors. Overall, it was a fun day, and showed how much can be accomplished when everyone has the same objective.
When I came home the sun was shining and I had the chance to sit in my garden for a short time. The garden is really starting to take off just now, and I love seeing all the plants changing day by day. I am watching chelsea just now, and while my garden doesnot compare to the gardens at Chelsea, I love it anyway. Here are a few pictures of mine:

I like to have a lawn in a garden, especially with kids. They need somewhere to run about, squirt each other with the hose etc. (We don't have a hose pipe ban here in Edinburgh)

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Heather said...

No hose pipe ban on this side of the country either Pam lol! Your Garden is lovely, this time of year if great to watch outdoors. I have been watching Chelsea too but this year for insperation. I am in a new house with a Garden that was just full of tress and a few shrubs. Its been cleared and now its time to plant and plan. Great fun!

Glad your inservice day went well. The recent one at our primary school went so well they put photographs of the teachers up messing with glue and glitter and showed their crafts at a recent fair. I thought it a great idea.
You should have fun days in school too :)