Friday, June 30, 2006

good news

Happy today! My summer holidays have begun whoo hoo!, AND I am being published in Scrapbook Inspirations- a LO about Emily at Glen Nevis. So I am particularly cheery tonight.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Very busy just now getting ready for our camping trip to France- am I ever gonna need this holiday! Trying to get my teenage son to pack,aahhh!!! well tonight I made him get out all the clothes he wants to pack, and most of them needed washing before we could start, so they won't be dry til tomorrow, putting the packing a day behind. I have been telling him for days to put his clothes out for washing!! Work has been frantic too, and I still have heaps to do on my last day tomorrow. On the scrapping front, I am really pleased with the tonight's LO. Used a technique from Emily Falconbridge on the photo and just love the effect- It's in the FREESTLYE book. I wish I could go to Emily's and Elsie's workshops when they are in England, but can't afford the time, or the travel. Emily and Elsie, if you read this, LOL, come to Scotland. It is gorgeous.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aussie Dares

What a day I've had. I thought I had been a victim of identity theft, and seem to have spent all day on the phone trying to get it sorted out. Turns out it was a case of a misspelling and someone who didn't want to admit making a mistake and subsequently I have had a wasted day, and my work has piled up. I'm going on holiday on Friday, so now have to squeeze 4 days work into the next three, not happy! I am happy, however, to have found this Aussie dares site and I intend (as a displaced Aussie) to complete as many of these as I can. I hope to do the 'Speshal' dares too, when I get back from my holiday. We are going camping in France for four weeks- lots of preparation, and I'll need a holiday to get over getting ready.. When we get back we are home for a few days, before heading off to Skye. So I will not be scrapping for at least 6 weeks. Will I cope? Anyway the Aussie dare was HOW DARE YOU? and I have done a LO about how, since my children became teenagers I have turned into a horrible nagging fishwife!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Published and prizes

Today I came home from work to two pleasant surprises. Firstly, a parcel to supplement the Best of British prizes- a minialbum and an alphabet. Secondly, Scrapbook Inspirations arrivedand I am mentioned at the beginning in the article about the 'Scrapping the Scraplift' competition on UKS. My Best of British LOs are also published this month - 5 in the magazine at once! Funny how old fashioned they look now, but I am still fond of them anyway.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A great day out

These pictures are of Braemar in the Scottish highlands. We had a family day out there on Saturday. We used to go there quite a lot with the kids when they were young and we lived in Aberdeenshire, but we haven't been for a while and I am asking myself why not? It is the most beautiful place. The scenery is out of this world, and best of all -no people! There is a duck pond in the village where we used to take the kids, and unlike the well fed ducks of Edinburgh, these ducks are hungry and appreciate the bread we feed them. They are really cheeky and come right up and take the bread from your hands. I got some great pictures too. My all time favourite picture of my kids was taken at this very duck pond about 11 years ago, and is of the two kids hugging. This photo features in a LO I did for the Best of Britain comp, and so should be featured in next month's Scrapbook Inspirations. I no longer like the LO though- my scrapping has changed quite a bit since those LOs were submitted.
I urge anyone who appreciaites nature, walking, peace and quiet to visit Braemar, and the surrounding countryside. It is truly awesome.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The first lot of my 'BEST OF BRITISH' prizes arrived today, and I am sad to say they were very disappointing, especially after having waited so long. They were mulitples of paper- like 8 sheets of some designs, and quite old fashioned at that. There was a bit of Basic Grey 8x8 paper, an K&Co 8x8 album, which is quite nice, and assorted stickers, the worst of which was a naff set of wedding stickers. Also quite a bit of Life's journey heritage stuff. I know SI was trying to negotiate vouchers so that we could choose our own, but instead we have been offloaded with out of date, end of range stock. I only hope the do crafts and Elison part of the prize is better.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Latest LO

I am posting a picture of my latest LO. I am so pleased with it. It is a rare photo of me with my daughter, taken in 1994, long, long, before I started scrapping! Like a lot of women I was always the one holding the camera, so I am very happy that on this occasion, someone else grabbed the camera and took this photo of us both. Ever since I heard the Paul Simon song 'Father and Daughter' I knew I wanted to use the words on a LO, and I felt it had to be a photo with me in it too, so I chose this picture. I wish I knew clever things, like how to change the background in a photo. Anyway I have really been struggling with how to scrap it. I knew I wanted it to be fairly serious, simple and sentimental. None of my patterned papers went, so I eventually decided to use cardstock only, and to add texture I doodled with the sewing machine (used a triple stitch to make the sewing stand out more.) I cut the flowers freehand from white card (after discarding other tonal variations), and journalled with my beloved Uniball signo white pen that my niece sent over from Australia. Why can't WHSmith stock these? They stock other colours. I tried asking in my local shop but the woman was so unhelpful and really quite rude, so I gave up. Maybe I'll try sending an email to head office. Anyway, if anyone sees this, I hope you like it. It was quite hard for me to be this restrained, and to leave white space (well brown LOL)

Friday, June 09, 2006

I love Fridays

This morning DH was up at 6 to go hillwalking. He brought me a cup of tea before he left and I sat in bed drinking tea and planning how I would spend the day- scrapping, gardening, generally relaxing. Then like a bolt out of the blue I realized it was not Saturday, but Friday and DH had taken a day off work to take advantage of the great weather. So I had to get up and go to work!! Boohoo. But now it is Friday night and I have Saturday to look forward to all over again. Last night was glorious. It was so mild that we were still sitting out in the garden at 11:30. It was almost a fullmoon and was so light. The big rhodedendron blooms caught the moonlight and glowed, and the various scents of the plants wafted around. I could have sat there all night. (but of course I knew then that I had to get up for work, so I sensibly went to bed instead).

My LO tonight is inspired by Pod's ad challenge. I am not at all happy with it. Firstly, I couldn't really remember the ad and blogger was playing up, so I couldn't check. Secondly, I forgot the you need to draw in mirror image on the backs of paper, so consequently the spiral is not going in the direction I wanted. Thirdly, the photo doesn't really grab me, and there is no story to go with it, so I didn't have any journalling. I went onto some quotes sites looking for inspiration but couldn't find anything that clicked. Fourthly, I don't like the colour combination because it looks too much like a christmas card. However I do like the machine stitching! Anyway I do these challenges, for exactly that reason- to challenge myself to try different things, and if they don't work, then tough- it is only a bit of card and a couple of hours of my time, and I always learn something, and that can only be a good thing! My favourite LO at the moment is still the MOODY one I posted last week. I love it!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm sad!

I am feeling very sad this evening. I have been digesting the news that Canny Crafts is no more. It must be devastating to work so hard at pursuing your dream, then find that it wasn't working, for one reason or another, so my heart goes out to Anne and James. On a more selfish note, I had recently been chosen to be on their design team, and was to receive my first project this month. I was so looking forward to the challenge. So does anyone out there want a design team member- very enthusiastic, hard working, can work to deadlines and likes the challenge of trying different things?
So right now I am working on my speedscraplift challenge for UKS, and am waiting for paint to dry on my title so I can start some sewing.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Super Saturday

.What a fantastic day I've had today. First my sister from Oz phoned this morning to tell me all about the latest addition to our very large family. My niece has had a little boy, called Lucas John, born 4 weeks early by emergency section. He needs a little oxygen but is doing fine. He was 7lb 14oz, so was destined to be a big boy, if he had gone full term. At times like these I find it hard to be so far away from my family. I have seen a picture of the baby and he looks so sweet, but I want to feel that baby skin and to smell that baby smell.
I did my first ever effer dare today. It was to use a less than perfect photo. Well, the photo I used was a little out of focus, but actually wasn't that bad, so maybe it doesn't really count as an efferdare after all. Anyway I am really happy with the LO. It is the first time I have scrapped 8.5x11.5, and the first time I have tried to make my own rubons from a transparency. I love the effect of the lettering-it looks nice and grungy, which is what I wanted. here it is, what do you think? After that I went to the Art stamps fair here in EDinburgh and spent far too much money. -Bangers and Mash papers from Art from the Heart, and chatted to Dyan as well. Tim Holtz ink applicator cause despite what some people say those felt chair leg thingys just don't work well. Also papers-crate papers, among lots of others, some gorgeous brads, friendly plastic, which DD has been playing with all night, some Sonja Jo stuff from Auscraft, A sarabinder type thing that I will use as an Art journal, and lots of other stuff too. I don't feel bad about spending so much cause we don't have a real scrapshop in Edinburgh, so I have to buy when I can (or so I keep telling myself haha)

I came home and spent time in the garden, and had tea sitting out- first time this year I think, then this evening I have made a little flag book, which I will use to document Jack's obsession with Man U. Well, I couldn't thinkof a better way to spend a saturday- scrapping, garden, family and shopping, could you?