Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The first lot of my 'BEST OF BRITISH' prizes arrived today, and I am sad to say they were very disappointing, especially after having waited so long. They were mulitples of paper- like 8 sheets of some designs, and quite old fashioned at that. There was a bit of Basic Grey 8x8 paper, an K&Co 8x8 album, which is quite nice, and assorted stickers, the worst of which was a naff set of wedding stickers. Also quite a bit of Life's journey heritage stuff. I know SI was trying to negotiate vouchers so that we could choose our own, but instead we have been offloaded with out of date, end of range stock. I only hope the do crafts and Elison part of the prize is better.


Heather said...

I was sorry to read on UKS about all the dispointing prizes :( You all deserve so much better for such truly stunning work. Fingers are crossed you get something better from Ellison.

Maria said...

sorry your prizes were disappointing too-I've heard this from several winners. Congrats for being BOB anyway:)