Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm sad!

I am feeling very sad this evening. I have been digesting the news that Canny Crafts is no more. It must be devastating to work so hard at pursuing your dream, then find that it wasn't working, for one reason or another, so my heart goes out to Anne and James. On a more selfish note, I had recently been chosen to be on their design team, and was to receive my first project this month. I was so looking forward to the challenge. So does anyone out there want a design team member- very enthusiastic, hard working, can work to deadlines and likes the challenge of trying different things?
So right now I am working on my speedscraplift challenge for UKS, and am waiting for paint to dry on my title so I can start some sewing.

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Heather said...

It was sad news Pam, I think a lot of people were left very shocked. Then to read Kitty's post about her pricing complaints just compounded the issue :(
I am so so sorry you lost out on your deserved DT place. I hope you get another chance very soon.