Saturday, June 03, 2006

Super Saturday

.What a fantastic day I've had today. First my sister from Oz phoned this morning to tell me all about the latest addition to our very large family. My niece has had a little boy, called Lucas John, born 4 weeks early by emergency section. He needs a little oxygen but is doing fine. He was 7lb 14oz, so was destined to be a big boy, if he had gone full term. At times like these I find it hard to be so far away from my family. I have seen a picture of the baby and he looks so sweet, but I want to feel that baby skin and to smell that baby smell.
I did my first ever effer dare today. It was to use a less than perfect photo. Well, the photo I used was a little out of focus, but actually wasn't that bad, so maybe it doesn't really count as an efferdare after all. Anyway I am really happy with the LO. It is the first time I have scrapped 8.5x11.5, and the first time I have tried to make my own rubons from a transparency. I love the effect of the lettering-it looks nice and grungy, which is what I wanted. here it is, what do you think? After that I went to the Art stamps fair here in EDinburgh and spent far too much money. -Bangers and Mash papers from Art from the Heart, and chatted to Dyan as well. Tim Holtz ink applicator cause despite what some people say those felt chair leg thingys just don't work well. Also papers-crate papers, among lots of others, some gorgeous brads, friendly plastic, which DD has been playing with all night, some Sonja Jo stuff from Auscraft, A sarabinder type thing that I will use as an Art journal, and lots of other stuff too. I don't feel bad about spending so much cause we don't have a real scrapshop in Edinburgh, so I have to buy when I can (or so I keep telling myself haha)

I came home and spent time in the garden, and had tea sitting out- first time this year I think, then this evening I have made a little flag book, which I will use to document Jack's obsession with Man U. Well, I couldn't thinkof a better way to spend a saturday- scrapping, garden, family and shopping, could you?

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Heather said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me Pam.
Congratulations Auntie Pam, how lovely to have a new baby in the family. I know he is miles away and that is not easy, hope the WWW makes the distance seem smaller.

You LO is just fab! What great style, I have no idea what an efferdare is??? HELP! That style suits you photograph really well. Come on tell me more please?

Hope our enjoying the lovely sunshine we are in the west.

Shopping sounds great too. I did a load today without moving my bottom of this chair. 'Real' shopping is much more fun though (even if more expensive lol)

Heather x