Sunday, July 16, 2006

I did it!

I went on a telecabine! me, who's so afraid of heights, who vowed never to go on a cable car, went on a telecabine so that I could get a view of Mont Blanc1 And what a view, a monster of a mountain in a range of steep ragged peaks, covered in snow, even though it is in the 30's down in the valleys. We did a 5 and a half hour walk today up to Mt Joue, and down to the beginning of the telecabine, and I am now completely stuffed and hot, even though it is now 6 in the evening. We had a Big Mac after our walk, much to Jack's delight, then the kids had a few shots on the Luge at Megeve, followed by an indoor swim at the campsite when we got back. We are struggling to think how we are going to spend the next 4 days as the forecast points to it getting hotter and hotter, so walking is really out of the question, and to my great shame, the kids got burnt yesterday swimming at Lake Annecy, and need to stay out of the sun, having had various skin cancers removed I should know better then to let them swim for so long. We were under a shady area for the time we were at the Lake, so the sunburn happened when they were swimming. Hopefully I will get to post some more pics soon.


Heather said...

Ooo well done you! That is a great achievement.

Looking forward to seeing more pictures as I have to say your holiday just sounds wonderful.
(Apart from over heating and sunburn of course)

And 'Thank You', I saw you entry on my blog, You know you didn't need to do that but I am very touched and grateful. Made my day!

Lauren said...

WoW sounds unreal. The weather does seem to be getting hotter, I guess I'm used to it though.

Enjoy your day,