Saturday, July 01, 2006


Been very busy today, packing for France. Packing to go camping with all your own gear is not easy, and added to having bad hay fever today, I am left feeling drained. England was knocked out of the world cup by Portugal today.I am not particularly interested in football, but I am aware of the bad feelings it can evoke. Living in Scotland I am chronically aware of what I believe is baltant racism- the attitude of many, many Scots to the English is appalling. I had a debate with someone at work about it, and they said it was all in jest, and that Australians have the same attitude to New Zealanders. I don't believe this to be the case at all. Although there is rivallry between Australia and New Zealand, especially with regard to sport, most Australians would want New Zealand to win an sporting event if Australia was knocked out. Here in Edinburgh a child was assaulted for wearing an England strip. The racist attitude of Scots to the English should not be tolerated, and for that reason I cannot support Andy Murray at Wimbledon- his attitude is typical of what I witness here in scotland constantly and it truly appals me.

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