Friday, July 07, 2006

snatched moments in internet cafes

Tuesday, Paris.... so hot!! 35 degrees and most unpleasant, ended up with a thumping headache. Wednesday was better, a bit cooler and the kids were at Disneyland paris with DH so I wandered around paris by myself and that was lovely. had lunch in Galleries Lafayette. Thursday was a long drive down to the Haute Savoie, after getting stuck in a traffic jam coming out of Paris, we finally got moving.We are staying at Le grand Bornard and it is gorgeous, camping ground in the middle of an alpine village, wanting to run up the mountains singing 'the hills are alive'. Today we just chilled, organised our tent site, went inot Thones to get some shopping, swam in the pool- lovely. There is a ballooning festival on here so right- masses of balloons fill the sky, hot air balloons, that is, what a spectaculer sight- oh and today in a amll village shop I bought, would you believe 3 whit uniball signo pens, so elusive in the UK, the best white pens, at about £1.80, half the price of those in the UK if you are lucky enough to find them. Scrapping is never far away! will update this blog whenever I find the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

please do! and photos! where you're staying sounds delightful

Lauren said...

oh I love the hot weather, makes me think I home in Australia. I can't wait to see paris too.


Heather said...

Paris is wonderful and you seem to be having a wonderful time. Glad your managing to post, keep it up when you can, great to hear from you. What a bargain for those pens, are you taking orders LOL!