Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Woe is me!

I've just arrived home from a three week camping holiday in France. I should feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world, right? But I don't, I feel under immense pressure and highly stressed- eveything is going wrong....
First, and foremost, my house is a disaster. The water leak has done more damage than I had imagined. My son's bedroom is a complete no go area. It needs a new ceiling, and complete redecoration, and he is not helping by wandering around annoying me asking questions about how he is going to replace all his football posters. The hallway is growing mould, as is my husband's study, and the whole house reeks. We knew the carpet in Jack's room was ruined, but the water has seeped into the hall carpet too, creating a big stain, and I bet the insurance won't cover a new carpet, and will just want it cleaned. The carpets have only been down for 7 months too, and I spent so much time over the new year painting the hall and now it is all ruined. We have to now deal with insurance and I just know that won't be staightforward.
I have spent today washing, washing, and more washing, and sifting through anything that can be salvaged from Jack's room. I am amazed at how much damage has been done- even the clothes in his drawers were wet, some I have tossed out, others are ok after washing. It stills feel like we are camping. Jack is sleeping in the family room, the lounge is heaped with stuff from his bedroom, and for some reason the tap in the kitchen is not working so I have to cart water from the bathroom to use in the kitchen. Scrapping is off the agenda for the time being-


Lauren said...

Oh my god! you poor thing I feel for you, I love nothing more then coming home to a clean house & I just couldn't imagine coming home from holidays and have to deal with that.

Maybe some scrapping is just what you need to take you mond off it.

I hope that it all gets sorted & quickly,

Lauren x

Heather said...

Oh Gosh Pam how awful! :(
What a thing to face after a lovely holiday, I am so sorry.