Friday, August 11, 2006

Back home

We came back from Skye today, a day early because the weather was so poor while we were there, and wasn't really suitable for hillwalking. Having said that, we did manage some lovely low level walks. It would have been nice to get a glimpse of the tops of hills though. I took Emily around some craft shops and ended up buying some gorgeous handspun wool, and teaching Emily to knit- garter stitch only. She is 13 and struggled at first, but now has managed to do some rows independently. It makes me think though, cause I knitted my first cardigan independently when I was 10- it was a Brownie cardigan, and I have knitted ever since (although not in the last 10 years)These skills will get lost in the modern world I fear.
Anyway we were keen to get home and see what progress the builders had made on our water damaged house. Well, we should have stayed in Skye. The rooms, which were meant to have all the plastering finished, are nowhere ready, and there is fine dust over every surface in the house. I go back to work on Monday, and can't bear the thought that I am leaving such a dirty chaotic house behind. I am going to have to go out all weekend- hate the thought of being in this mess.

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Lauren said...

I remember my mum teaching me to 'spin some yarn' ROFL when I was about 12 and yes I couldn't do it again to save my like knit 2 pearl 5???? ummmm yep no idea.

Can the insurance company hire a cleaner for you...????...

Lauren x