Monday, August 14, 2006

First day back

Well my first day back wasn't so bad, but I still want to be a SAHM, well actually I want to stay at home and try to be creative, and not with housework and packed lunches! As I was leaving for work my daughter said 'have a good day mum, I'll think of you when I'm having a frappichino at Starbucks.' Oh, to be 13 again. Well not really, I wouldn't want to go through all that teenage angst again. The painters began work on the house today, but say they will need a week to get the work done, so meanwhile we are still living in a state of chaos, which means not much in the way of scrapping will get done in the next week. I received my first kit as a Design Team member from Jillybeans Scrapyard today and I am so pleased because I have had a photo of Emily, aged about 2, rolling around in a whole lot of heather, that I have wanted to scrap for ages and have been unable to find paper for, and this looks to be perfect. I popped into Lakeland today and bought 5 A4 stationery cases, which I know are going to be just perfect for storing my foam alphabet stamps- oh and I bought a tin of Forever Flowers too- well I needed a reward for going back to work!


Heather said...

I would not be 13 again either, no thanks!

Glad the painters are in, on the llast leg. Soon you will be putting things back as they were and scrapping services will resume.

I got my kit too :D How cool is this? Fretted and fretted about what to do with it but its done now and its tough if everyone hates it lol!

Shopping sounds fab! *I MUST NOT SPEND*

Roz Roz said...

Oh can't wait to see what you do with your kit, please post a pic so I can sit and drool at the screen.