Wednesday, September 27, 2006

tagged by Heather

The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

Well, actually I don't think I am very weird, but here goes.
1. I eat a Mullers cherry yoghurt every night before bed and like to carefully peel off the foil lid (I HATE it if the lid tears!)then I fold the foil into ever decreasing triangles.
2. I made a decision about 10 years ago never to wear a dress or skirt again. Buying only tops and trousers makes clothes shopping soooo much easier.
3. I HATE shopping, especially for clothes. Hubby does the food shopping. The only shops I like are........ You guessed it- craft shops. Actually I love DIY stores, but not DIY. I used to do alot of DIY but it eats into my scarp time so I am right off DIY now.
4. I really like weeding my garden. Those of you who love gardening will probably not think that is weird though.
5. I love living in Scotland and one reason is I love the weather! people often ask me if I miss Aussie heat and the answer is defintely NO. I love the seasons here, especially Autumn.

So who will I tag? Lauren, Jane, Maria, Angela, Tamar, Karen

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wet Sunday

What a miserable wet misty day here in Edinburgh. Actually it looks very atmospheric, but I wouldn't like to be out in it! Perfect day for scrapping though! Today's LO is one I started at the Edinburgh crop, but couldn't get inspired. I used a border punch around the edges, and didn't know what to do next, so I put it away for a while. Then when I got it out again I decided to doodle, and the LO just grew. I am really happy with the result- it looks like one of those henna tattoos. I used a white uniball signo pen- I love those for doodling!
I went to Ikea this morning to get a bookcase for my son's room, and have assembled it with no damage, unlike the Argos dresser last week. Ikea furniture is so much easier to put together. Having said that the Argos one was just what I needed in terms of size and storage cpacity. I will upload some pictures of where I scrap one day. I am now going to start my inspirational quotes book for my friend with breast cancer- think I will use the Lippychick book from Angel Crafts. Hope you like my doodled LO as much as I do!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Design Team!

I am so excited- I have won a place on another design team, WILLOW TREE CRAFTS. (see the link on the right). Take a look at their site and register to join the forum. This forum is new but we are hoping to build it up into a really interesting place to visit, with design ideas, product reviews, a blog and all sorts of other interesting bits and pieces. So come on over!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Great weekend

It has been a really busy weekend- the crop on saturady, then yesterday down to Manchester. Sadly for Jack Man U did not play well, and were beaten by Arsenal. that boy is jinxed-it seems everytime we manage to get tickets Man U get beaten. Emily and I went shopping at the Lowry outlet. There is a new craft shop opened there, but nothing to get excited about. It is next to Papermill and sells similar things. I did buy some ribbon though, and some more ribbon (actually they were chokers) from Mikey jewellers. We also went to the Imperial War museum. The audio visual display about children and war so very moving- from WW2 evacuees, to jewish recounts of their war time experiences, and to the child soldiers in Africa. It was like an AV scrapbook. We stayed at the Travelodge at Preston. We love Travelodges- you always know what you are getting and no-one fusses or bothers you- great. It is really pretty around Chorley too.
Today we had a fabulous walk near Ambleside, Fabulous views from the hills and afterwards Malcolm and the kids had a little adventure rock climbing into a cave. But next time we go out it would help to a) make sure the camera battery is charged and b) make sure the memory card has been placed back in the second camera, and not left in the card reader. I did manage to get a few pics though not half as many as the weekend warranted.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Can't believe what I did!

I bought a new sideboard thing, with lots of storage to put the Telly on, and keep some of the DVD, craft overspill in. It is only from Argos, but it was just what I wanted. Anyway it was flat pack of course, and when I put the wooden dowels in the underside of the top, I thought they were sticking out too much, so I showed them who was boss my giving them a whack with my hammer. Antway, when I turned the top over I had whacked so hard that they had cracked the top, and in one spot had actually come through, so my brand new sideboard has 8 damaged spots on the top. I've put the TV and video over the worst of it, but I am so annoyed with myself.
I went to the edinburgh crop today. I made a waterfall crad- dead easy and very effective too. trouble was, that's the only thing I did, just couldn't bring anything else together. But it was good to catch up with Lisa and Kat. Lisa did a fab multiphoto LO. Met some new people too -Emma, who would you beleive grew up a couple of streets from where I lived in Adelaide- small world eh? Also great to meet Roz and Angela, who would not spill the beans on any of the Luxurious Angels retreat at Lockerbie!! I 'll just have to be patient I guess. We are off to Manchester tomorrow- the boys to Old Trafford, and Emily and I to the War museum (and maybe a little bit of shopping at the Lowry centre. Then on Monday we will come up through the Lake district and do a spot of walking.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Productive weekend

I have had a good weekend- gardening and scrapping- my two most favourite things in the world, well except food and travel, oh and my family....
Anyway I did two LOs for Jillybeans October gallery. I can't post them here yet but I will post one from this month's gallery instead. It is using K&Co papers, they were perfect for this photo. Click on the Jillybeans link to find the gallery and see all the great work by the other DT members. I also altered a tin jug I bought at ASDA for £1. I thought I would put a jam jar in it and use it for flowers, but Emily has decided she wants to have it in her bedroom, so that's that. Also went to Ikea and bought an office chair for son's room. It is truly awful- big, black leather look, but it is his room and it was his choice..
Did the regular haircutting of son and hubby. That sure saves a lot of money. I also do Emily's, but I imagine she will soon realize that hairdressers can cut better than me, and then she will become even more expensive to keep than she is now.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

busy weekend

It has been very busy this weekend. Emily went to guide camp on Friday night (poor child always ends up getting rained on at guide camp, and this weekend was no exception)and DH and son were away all day Saturday. But did I scrap? No such luck. I spent the day putting an IKEA flat pack chest of drawers together, putting a new curtain rail up, and hanging curtains in my son's room (the one that was flood damaged). It has been redecorated, after the replastering. We are still waiting on new carpet, but I moved him in today, and out of our kitchen/family room, where he was blocking access to my scrap stuff!! Today was spent working through the heaps of washing, and general cleaning. Tonight I have assembled a whole lot of stash that I might use on a LO that has been rumbling around my head for the last few weeks. Now I have to go through the process of selecting which of the stash will end up on the final LO.
I am posting a picture of the tins I bought at Dunelm Mills last week for £1.99. they are so pretty I am thinking of going back for more, and no, I am not going to alter them- I love them just the way they are!