Friday, September 15, 2006

Can't believe what I did!

I bought a new sideboard thing, with lots of storage to put the Telly on, and keep some of the DVD, craft overspill in. It is only from Argos, but it was just what I wanted. Anyway it was flat pack of course, and when I put the wooden dowels in the underside of the top, I thought they were sticking out too much, so I showed them who was boss my giving them a whack with my hammer. Antway, when I turned the top over I had whacked so hard that they had cracked the top, and in one spot had actually come through, so my brand new sideboard has 8 damaged spots on the top. I've put the TV and video over the worst of it, but I am so annoyed with myself.
I went to the edinburgh crop today. I made a waterfall crad- dead easy and very effective too. trouble was, that's the only thing I did, just couldn't bring anything else together. But it was good to catch up with Lisa and Kat. Lisa did a fab multiphoto LO. Met some new people too -Emma, who would you beleive grew up a couple of streets from where I lived in Adelaide- small world eh? Also great to meet Roz and Angela, who would not spill the beans on any of the Luxurious Angels retreat at Lockerbie!! I 'll just have to be patient I guess. We are off to Manchester tomorrow- the boys to Old Trafford, and Emily and I to the War museum (and maybe a little bit of shopping at the Lowry centre. Then on Monday we will come up through the Lake district and do a spot of walking.


Heather said...

Have a good trip, Pam.

(Shame you can't post a picture of your beautiful waterfall book. We'll just have to wait for it on the DT.)

Kat said...

Thanks for coming to the crop, Pam!! And hope to see you as one of our regulars!! ;)

Hope you enjoy your trip.

Lauren said...

Hi Pam,

sorry I couldn't help but laugh at your TV cabinet story I did a similar thing a few years ago, Now if the shop doesn't have it put together I'm not buying it! ROFL!! I'm not good with Flat packs!

HAve a great week!


Roz Roz said...

Have a great time in Manchester, the Lowry centre is fantastic and the boys will love OT. Enjoyed meeting you as well at the crop and I loved the waterfall card you made.

Heather said...

Aww what a shame! Been there and done that, no comfort though is it?
Have a great trip and I can't wait to see your book :D