Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fantabulous weekend!

I went to the Luxurious Angels retreat!. I have never been to a retreat before, and I can only say, if you ever get the opportunity to go to one, then DO! I don't know if other retreats are as good as this one was, it was fab. Everything was so well planned. The classes were interesting, the teachers, Kirsty, Anna and Roz were fun and all the ladies there were great too. So thank you all for making my first retreat so worthwhile. It is lovely to be able to put faces to all those names that appear on UKS too. There were some very talented scrappers there, I can tell you. I loved walking around having a peek and seeing what everyone else was up too. Roz found her niche as an auctioneer and managed to sell off a whole heap of stuff to raise money for MS, and amuse us at the same time. The shop was very well stocked, there was some gorgeous stuff, anf now I'm kicking myself for not getting some of those gorgeous velvet letters. Unfortunately I had to go home Saturday night, so I missed out on what sounds like a lot of fun!
If you are ever around Kirsty, DON'T throw your scraps away! She gave me a good talking to, in the nicest possible way of course, then used my scraps to make the gorgeous card you see on this blog- So now I own a Kirsty Wiseman original!!!! (worth throwing my scraps away for). The other picture on this post is a LO I did on Saturday. (well it will be if blogger lets me)Emily has started her own blog, and what a rich source of journalling it is. I intend to lift slabs from her future blogs to scrap, so that I will end up with a fantastic insight into the mind of her at thirteen. I haven't put photos on any of the class LOs that I did at the retreat, but when I do I will post them here too.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous I want a KW original, mwahahahaah. Glad you enjoyed the retreat, it was brilliant, I loved the class we did together, how relaxing was that, so peaceful and fun. Can't wait to see you again soon. Oh and I know you did not post a pic of the layout of your daughters blog, but I did see it at the retreat and it was flipping stunning, I loved it and I think I'm gonna scrap my own blog from now on a regular basis, you inspired me so much. thank you. big kissy wissy's xxx

Heather said...

So pleased you had a great weekend, I was thinking of you all. Lucky you with a KW original lol! Hope to catch you at the next one :D Take care xx

Angela said...

Pam, so glad you had a great time, was so good to see you again and hope next time it is for longer