Sunday, November 05, 2006

another scrappy weekend

I've had a very productive scrapping weekend. Emily was at guide camp (first one she has been to where it didn't rain all weekend)so the house was pretty quiet. I did the International Dare, and I have uploaded it here. What a great dare it was. I really wanted to do a childhood memory one but my printer is out of ink, so I couldn't print off one of the two photos I have of me as a child. I'm not sure why we have very few family photos- probably because we lived in the outback, hundreds of miles from the nearest town to buy film, get photos developed etc. Also I am the fifth of seven children, so I think the novelty had worn off somewhat- there are lot more photos of the two eldest, than of the rest of us. Also over the years the photos have been lost, albums raided and split up, with the result that I have only two very blurry childhood photos. Well my kids won't have that problem will they? Anyway, I loved doing the dare, and am happy with my page. I think it is all self explanatory- the paint was used on the flowers, title on photo, my daughter's dreams (well a couple of them)and all the cardstock covered. I also have nearly completed a Lippy Chick flip book, with great Halloween papers from Willowtree Crafts- just two more triangles left to do, but I have to wait for my printer ink to arrive. I know it makes sense to order spare inks, but I have had my printer for so long I can't believe it is not going to break down, and I don't want to be left with a pile of useless cartridges. Hope you like my page.


Clare said...

ooh thats great Pam - love the colours.

Maxine Hazebroek said...

Hi Pam, from outback Western Australia. I am so pleased I found you. Your dare is fantastic...WOW. I've enjoyed looking through your blog and I definately see why you won those competititons...congratulations..orshould I say how lucky they are to have you. Kindest regards...Max