Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday musings

I had a nice day today. I went out for a long lunch with my work team, then mangaed to pick up a few things for the kids christmas stockings. I am struggling though with ideas for my son. His main presnts are CDs abd DVDs, but just what do you get as stcoking fillers for a 15 year old teenage boy? All ideas gratefully received.
I have joined a CJ team, my first and today the first one arrived. The theme is 'pink' and I have been sitting here pondering... think pink.. Pink Floyd, Pink, Breast cancer awareness, paint chips, barbie, Barbara Cartland, Shocking Pink, Pink Panther, pigs, baby girls.....I have printed off some small photos of different pink flowers in my garden, so might do something with those... not sure yet.

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