Sunday, December 10, 2006

Scrappy weekend

It has been a busy weekend. Friday night was my work night out, a meal and disco, had a lot of fun, can't dance for peanuts, but I'm beyond caring what I look like on the dance floor, so had a great time fooling around. I had two glasses of wine. Now they were large ones, but surely not emough to be responsible for the headache I woke up with on Saturday? So Saturday I started the day with headache pills, but managed to finish the LO I had been struggling with, plus 2 others. One was very clean and simple, and guess what? I loooove it! I don't usually do clean and simple, cause I enjoy creating bits and pieces to add to a page, but this page is lovely. In fact I will try to upload and you can judge for yourself. It features fab papers from Dream Street that I bought from Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash.
Also had to go out to B&Q to buy new roofing felt for the garden shed,because we lost the old felt in all the wind last week. Everything in the shed is soaking, so have been trying to dry that out as well. My DH managed to fix the roof, a feat I am very impressed with because he is no handyman.
Today I did some house cleaning and we managed to put up the tree. It loooks gorgeous too, so I will upload a picture to share with you soon.
Oh, and to top off a great weekend- I won the photography competition on UKS!


Heather said...

Aw - what a pretty page. :)

You were in the lead when I voted for you in the photo competition. Congratulations on winning!

Heather said...

So pleased your picture won, Congrats, so deserved! Love that LO too, it is really great.
My house is leaking never mind the shed/garage! Came home tonight to find another leak had sprouted..ho hum!