Sunday, December 24, 2006

Too far from home.

I always been very aware of how far away I am from my family at this time of the year. Christmas here with my little family is lovely, but not the same as being with my big noisy aussie lot. But just now I feel so far away. I have just received an email from my sister- all it says is 'here are some photos of mum after her fall on Saturday.' Now I spoke to my sister, and my mother on Saturday morning, so my sister may have been mixed up and thought that she had spoken to me after the fall, but she didnot, and I knew nothing about any fall when I opened the email. To see photos of my mum in the state she was in came as a shock, to put it mildy. She has a massive v-shaped tear in her arm, all stitched up, and severe bruising on her hand and around the wound. It looks like the type of injury you would get if savaged by a dog. I have not been able to get any further information, noone is answering at my mother's, sister's or brother's so I still don't know what happened. The wound looks like she must have caught the arm on something sharp as she fell- It is such a mess and sooo many stitches. So here I am, on the other side of the world, wondering what is going on, and feeling totally useless. I will now have to wait another 12 hours, because of the time difference, to see if I can get hold of one of them to find out what happened, and how mum is.
One thing is for sure- she is going to need some help to eat her christmas dinner!


Bah Humbug said...

Oh Pam I really do hope your Mum is ok. Sure is all well.

I hope you and your family had a lovely day today.

Take care & Merry Christmas

Heather said...

Oh no, your poor Mum, and poor you finding out that way about the fall and not being able to get more information. :o

I hope she's okay and you are able to speak to her soon.

Hysteri-CAL said...

I stress when I'm only an hour and a half away from my mum - so I would have hated to have been in your situation - pleased to read that she's doing ok tho Pam.

Big hugs - have a fab New Year.

Cal xx