Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tough as Old Boots

Tough as old boots- that's my mum. I spoke to her today and she as as chirpy as can be- insists that her injury is nothing. She slipped on the concrete step leading on to the gravel in the back yard, and caught her arm on the edge of the step, ripping a flap of skin on her arm, gravel rash all over her knees and hands. She got herself up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up, realized she would need to go to the hospital when she saw her arm bone! She phoned my sister to come and take her to the hospital. It took them 2.5 hours to clean it up and straighten out the skin flap which had become all bunched up. Anyway, she still had a great christmas, and had no problem eating her dinner. She thinks the whole episode is quite amusing. Quite a contast with my husband who woke uo today with a sty on his eye- ok it is unpleasant, but this really is a mansty- we haven't heard the end of it. We had a pleasant christmas, quiet and the food was lovely, but too much as usual- we'll be living on turkey for a while to come. I made two canvases that sit on easels for my MIL, and she was delighted with them. the one of Emily uses Dream St papers and WAMK ribbons, and the one of Jack uses Rusty Pickle. these are my first canvases, and I am happy with them.


Heather the Blether said...

Beautiful Canvas' well done.

So glad your Mum is ok

Take Care
H xx

Emily said...

I love those canvases! Especially like the clip on Jack's one with the ribbon ties to it. I really must get cracking on my own.... you've inspired me! Sorry to hear about your mum's accident. Sounds awful! Glad she's ok about it though! Have a very happy new year!

Emily Davies

Heather said...

I adore those canvas's Pam, they are stunning! Sorry about your Mum's fall, sounds nasty but it surprises me not that she just gets on with it nor does it surprise me that some men do NOT!! Take care xx