Sunday, January 14, 2007

I bought a Tote

Well, I bought a tote today. I have resisted buying a tote until now cause of the cost, and have carried anything I need to crops in a big IKEA bag. This can be problematic though cause if I brake suddenly, the bag fall over and the entire contents spill in the car boot. However, today on UKS I read a post about the tote in the photos selling in Costco for £14, so I went and got one. Ok, I know it is not huge, and won't fit a lot in, but it should take everything I need, and has to be better than the IKEA bag. So I'm happy. Scrapping wise, all I've done this week is a LO and card for Little Silver Hat, using gorgeous pink and brown ribbons. I printed off a couple of photos to start another LO tonight. Scrapping really suffers when I'm back at work fulltime. Oh just realized I've forgotten to say that I will be teaching some Scrapbooking classes for The Edinburgh Craft Shop, starting 22 Feb. These are beginner's classes, but I'll see what develops from there- another one of my new years scrapping resolutions achieved!


Heather said...

Good luck with the teaching, Pam. They're lucky to have such a talented scrapper as a teacher. :)

Sprogpaws said...

Wow, only £14!! That's amazing! I've already got a tote, but for that price, I could easily be convinced to get another, it's fabby!

Heather said...

What a bargain you have there Pam. Good luck with the classes, you will be just fine for sure :D