Sunday, January 21, 2007

Work gets in the way of life.

Work gets in the way of Life doesn't it? Notice how little blogging I have been doing since going back to work- just too busy. It is a very busy time of the year in my job, lots of assessments to be done, reports to be written, and just little old me to do it.
So what have I been up to? I went to the local crop yesterday, did 20 'oracle' cards for a swap on UKS. I was doing collage in monocolour, and it took forever. then I did my pages for a cj, then started a LO for the challenge at scraptitudes. It is a look back at 2006, and is another LO that took forever, mainly due to cutting 20 small photos and individually matting each one, then doing lots of hidden journalling. Will upload at some point.
On Friday Emily was in a public speaking competition- she had to make a speech about the EU. Her speech lasted about 7 minutes, which I think is a long time to speak, especially when you are only 13, and then she had to answer questions from the floor. She did really well- talking is her strong point. She didn't win, but the point is, what a fantastic skill to have. last night she was at a guide camp in the Pentlands- It was so cold and wet- no wonder it is called the Brass Monkeys camp. She was very well prepared, with lots of layers, spare clothes, socks, gloves, hats etc. One of the girls only had the trousers she wore, no spares and Emily said the girl was wet and covered in mud very soon after arriving, so other girls had to lend her clothes- how stupid are some people, to let their child go out, to sleep in a tent in the pouring rain, without even a change of clothes. Emily arrived home with overtrousers covered in mud, trackie bottoms covered in mud, anorak covered in mud, and her boots, both pairs, unrecognisable under all the mud. I had to hose down all her clothes before I could even contemplate putting them into the washing machine. She stripped off as soon as she came in and jumped straight into the shower. She says sge's not going to a brass monkeys camp again. Oh, and she was so grumpy she wouldn't let me take photos- would have made a great page.
Anyway, my page today is one I did a while ago, and I love it. It has lots of delicate touches, like tulle, organza ribbon, and glass to because I wanted the page to have a fleeting, etherial feel, just like memories.


bardgold said...

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Heather said...

Gorgeous layout, Pam. Sound like you were very productive at yesterday's crop. Hopefuly I'll see you at next month's.

Emily's camp sounds, em, interesting! At least she had the right gear for the conditions.

Tracie H said...

A wonderful LO always.

Heather said...

Beautiful LO Pam and as for Brass Monkey Camp, well, madness springs to mind from a seasoned guider who would NEVER camp in winter LOL!

Anonymous said...

What kind of parents would send their child, in that weather, to a camp with no changes of clothes? well being a fellow aussie I know I can speak bluntly(as we do)..parents who don't much care that's who..thank goodness for the kindness of little DD went on a camp recently and 1 of the girls um..became a woman..(she's 12)and the girls all rallied round and helped her with 'things' and advice, poor little mite, what a time for it to happen.
I LOVE that layout, i enlarged so I could read the writing and you are so right. I have a few photos of me as a child, more than you, but very little information too.
Our kids will know so much more than we ever did.