Sunday, March 04, 2007

bad blogger

I have been a bad blogger this week. I am very busy, what with work, house, kids, scrapping.

So what have I been up to scrapping wise? Well, Roz sent me two new FLAP books- these are the newest from the Lippychick range, and are not yet released. I have finished one, ready to send off to Roz for the Lippychick website, and have almost finished the second, These are really sweet little mini albums, with spaces for inserting tags. I think they are my favourite of the Lippychick books, and like the others, come in the plasma protective envelope. This can be altered using products like alcohol inks, but you know what?- I love them the way they are because they offer a tantalising glimpse into what is inside. I have also done a LO for Willowtree Crafts DT gallery. This LO is the one you see on this post, uses PDQ papers from bisous. If you haven't seen this range, check out Willowtree crafts for them. PDQ stamds for Pretty Damn Quick, and that is exactly what they are. The papers are already designed for you- all you need do is add photos and embellishments. They do a fab range of chipboard embellishments too. Although I wouldn't usually go for a premade page, I think if you were doing an album, perhaps as a present, that needed to be finished quickly, then this company would be just the thing. Their range is huge, and unlike many predone scrapbook pages, there is nothing naff about their designs.

Another page I did this week was for the challenge at Scrapitude which I can't show just yet. However, the challenge was to scrap using only beige, and I love my LO, even if I do say so myself. I will post it here soon though.

Also this week I taught my second scrapbook class. I felt better about this week's class because I had met the ladies the previous week, and now have a feel for where they are scrapping wise. They are pretty much true beginners. Week 1 I taught a little about design principles- rules of thirds, dominant and recessive papers etc, and had them create their LOs bearing those principles in mind. I don't want to teach classess where everyone leaves with identical LOs. I want the ladies to learn skills and concepts they can transfer to other LOs. Week 2 we did a very feminine page- pink, florals and spots. I tried to get them to hand draw and cut their titles, but they didnot have the confidence, so most chose to do their titles at home using their computers.

But the great thing is, they are developing confidence to di their own designs, and they all end up with different pages. We look at each others page and talk about the elements that work well, so they learn from each other too. They ask for advice about placement of elements, so we discuss balance and such like together. Hopefully after the 4 week course has finished they will have an understanding of why some LOs look more appealing than others, rather than having made 4 pages that look like everyone else's. See this is the teacher in me surfacing, years of training, and teaching experience coming to the fore. I don't believe in rote learning for kids, have always sought to help them understand and apply knowledge, to take risks, to experiment and discover and the same applies to my scrapbooking class.


Heather said...

You sound a great teacher. :)

Anonymous said...

yes i agree..i read right through that post when normally i would'nt have the patience so you certainly grabbed and held my attention..if you teach the way you write then i'm sure you're doing a great job

Heather said...

Sounds like a perfect teaching plan to me. Best of luck, not that you need it.

Missy said...

This is a fantastic page - I just love the perfect stitching. Good luck with your teaching plan - I'm sure it's going to work like magic.

Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

I love your designs! Gorgeous! ;)

sblogspot said...

Love your layout. Great work