Friday, March 23, 2007

The Lakes

Last weekend Malcolm and I went to the Lake district. It was so lovely to have time out from the kids. As much as I love them dearly, those teenage hormones can be most unpleasant to live with. If you read this mum, all I can say is well done for surviving those years 7 times over! It was fairly wet so we didn't get a lot of walking done, although we did get a walk around Lowswater. These pictures here are Ambleside and Grassmere. I am sure my aussie friends would love the Lake District- it is about as different as you can get from Australia- damp, green and with these wonderful slate buildings. If you look closely you will see a slight dusting of snow on the hills in the background. Would you believe this is the first snow I have seen this winter- global warming is a reality folks. I did manage to incorporate a bit of stash shopping into the weekend though- at Carlisle (market, a shop in the High St, and Craft Central at Houghton Hall garden centre). Also at Windemere (Lakeland). I am hoping to get a bit of scrapping done tomorrow. We stayed, (as usual) in the Travelodge- can't beat a Travelodge. This was a new one near Kendal

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Anonymous said...

I'm drooling! man, I would love to be there, I enlarged it and had a proper look..and what names - ambleside, grassmere. What a contrast to the photos I took today at Burra Gorge..all aussie bush.
I did'nt realise that about the birds. I must say the galahs ARE a beautiful colour. You'd be surprised at how many people have asked me what a galah is though.
The lack of snow , in ENGLAND of all places, disturbs me...definitely global warming.