Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have been a really bad blogger lately. I think it is because I just haven't been scrapping much. I have really lost my mojo lately, and can't get excited about scrapping just now. I am wondering if it is because of being on Design Teams over the last year. The idea of being on a design team is really exciting, especially the idea of being sent regular surprise packages of stash to use. But in reality what happens is you often get products that don't excite, or that you can't find photos to use with, and it can be stressful forcing yourself to do LOs your heart just isn't in. The LOs that I have been happiest with are those that start with a story, where I know what I want the LO to say, and conversely, those that I am least happy with have been DT projects that have started with the product. Anyway my DtTcommitments have dwindled now. I did not reapply for Willowtree Crafts DT, and Jillybeans is closing so that has saved me from making the decision to withdraw from that team. I will remain with Little Silver Hat though cause I find all those ribbons hard to resist! So for the time being a little less scrapping and more going out and about, enjoy the great outdoors, especially over the summer months, concentrate on photography a bit, and maybe some other arty things. I just need a bit more balance in my life just now.


Anonymous said...

Pam, I am so looking forward to meeting you can't wait, it is so lovely that you will be coming to the class.

All the very best on your travels.

Best Wishes

helen said...

Hope your trip back home goes well Pam.Don't forget to update your blog while there! :D