Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, we are back from Oz. We had a fabulous time. It was wonderful to catch up with all my family. They are so good to us when we are there, so generous with their time and pockets- they spoil us rotten. We spent about 20 days in Brisbane with my sister, and caught up with two little nephews who had been born since our previous visit. Both are so sweet. We went to Surfer's Paradise- It is pleasant this time of the year because the beach is not crowed- people in Oz think it is winter because the temperature hovers around 20 degrees, but to people like us accustomed to Scottish summers it was perfect weather for swimming and sun bathing. We had a fantastic day at Sea World- my favourite theme park in the area. I do not enjoy thrill rides, and sea world offers lots to do if the rides don't interest you. However the kids loved the rides, all the more because there were no queues. I actually went on the large ferris wheel- very adventurous of me, and guess what? I loved it! and what spectacular views over the coast- just wonderful! We went to Dreamworld. The kids love it as the rides are quite extreme there. jack is in his element on these rides. Where else? Southbank, the markets, Modern Art gallery, shopping, Australia Zoo, Movie world, Wet n' Wild, Outback Spectacular and whale watching too! That is such an awesomw experience- these amazing humpback whale- enormous and playing alongside the boat. After about 10 days in brisbane we went to the Barrossa valley in South Australia to stay with my niece and her lovely family- husband and three gorgeous little girls. This part of the holiday was more relaxed, just hanging about, enjoyinf being part of a big family again. My kids have no cousins this side of the world and they really enjoy catching up with their little cousins. It is great for me to watch my teenagers being so patient with the little ones, who just adore their big cousins. We had a big family reunion and party for my brother in law while we were there, but would you believe it, a sickness bug spread through the family. It hit some of us harder than others and I missed the party altogether and ended up hospital on a drip. So I didn't get to spend any time with my brother and his kids, who came down from Broken Hill for the party. At the time I was feeling so ill I didn't care who I saw, but now I feel so sad that I missed them, and it will be years before I see them again. However, it was a fantastic holiday overall and hard to leave. Leaving all the family to return to Scotland really hit Emily hard this time, so much so much so that it made her sick, and she vomited off and on throughout the 30 hour journey home. Not easy! She is determined to go back to Australia to live just as soon as she is old enough- we'll see.
So I will post some photos over the next few days. One highlight of the trip for me was the scrapping class I did with carole Janson. carole is such a lovely lady, very gentle, kind and attentive to everyone in her class. We did a fabulous LO which I will share just as soon as I find a suitable photo to go in it! Thanks Carole- Oh and it was so nice to Meet Alison Drummond Jones at the class too. Hi Alison!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pam! happy to hear all went well, apart from the getting sick, what a shame.
Your girl may just end up back at home. On a smaller scale I have had the same experience with 2 of my boys. Born and raised in Victoria, moved to South Aus. during their late primary school years.
They both went back eventually, it just feels like home to them. One came back here but he's looking to go back to Vic as soon as he can.
The third one ,on the other hand , left Vic as a 5 yr old and he's happy to be here.