Sunday, September 30, 2007

Badgirls week 4........ school is white space. Now if you look at my LOs you will find very few with blank areas. I like to pile things on, use patterned paper and embellish! So when I saw this week's challenge I was rather dismayed. Friday night I thought and thought but no inspiration came. Saturday morning I looked through my photos and chose 2 quite different ones. I did one layout, (the LOTS one) but I wasn't at all happy with it. The white space was there but it didn't really serve a purpose- it didn't add anything to the design. So I put it aside and tried a totally different LO using the other photo. It's the 'Unwritten' LO. The LO came together really quickly and I love it. I quickly uploaded to the Badgirls gallery because I was afraid self doubt would creep in if I didn't upload there and then. So it's done now, and even if I don't get through to the next round I have to say I love the LO and it was great to do something totally different. Today Emily and I went to the Botanical Gardens. It was such a lovely day- sunny and warm and the leaves are just beginning to turn- so we had an enjoyable time. I took some photos and then on the way home we stopped to take pictures of relections in some of the modern city glass buildings. So I'm a happy bunny tonight- I've had a lovely weekend- just wish it could go on a bit longer though.


Anonymous said...

We can't see it?
Love the 'round and round' one. I don't plan either usually.
I'm also a very messy scrapper and I can ruin a tidy space just in the course of doing one layout as well.
It's pathetic is'nt it? I mean really, we're grown women, you'd think we could work out a way of not doing this, because I have to say it drives me crazy.
I hate mess and yet thats what I always end up with. I've organized and made things a bit better but I'm still pretty hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Love them! really good job, especially as it's not your preferred genre.

dawn said...

Hiya hun - just love these layouts - I know what you mean about piling it all on (I never know when to stop LOL), but these are fantastic :)