Sunday, September 23, 2007

My new bin doesn't help..

Last post I mentioned my new Ikea pop up bin- and the hope that it would make me a tidy scrapper. Well guess what? It doesn't! I get in such a mess when I scrap. I pull out bits of paper, and leave the unchosen pieces on the floor. I pull out boxes of embellishments, and they end up spread all around. I put things aside to use on my pages, then can't find them when it comes to sticking them on. Yesterday I did one LO and my room looked like it had been hit by a cyclone. I scrap in my kitchen/dining/family room, so usually use my dining table to scrap on (mainly because I can't fine my scrap desk under all my bits and pieces). So yesterday I was scrapping, and doing the laundry at the same time. My folded washing ended up on my sofa, and my dining room chairs because the table was covered in paper, glue, ribbons -you name it! The whole room ended up looking like a disaster zone. sometimes I wonder how my family put up with me. Anyway, it was all worthwhile because I ended up making the Round and Round the Garden LO, and I love it. It is the first time I have really consciously 'designed' a LO. usually I put things on a page, move them around, play a bit then stick bits down. But this LO was for Badgirls, and the challenge was to do a LO using a particular design element, and then to write about how the design works. So it required planning and thinking.


eva birdthistle said...

I love your work, all your LO's in badgirls are amazing!!! And this weeks one is just amazing!!!

I know what you mean about scrapping space, wouldn't it be heaven to have a room dedicated to scrapping so you could close the door.... and while dreaming, why not someone who would come in and tidy it all away too, LOL!

Best of Luck in the next round, I have no doubts :)

Kelly said...

I totally LOVE your entry this week! It is sooo eyecatching, wonderful work!

Heather said...

Wow - love the design of the Round and Round the Garden layout!

BrigitteS said...

Bonjour Pam !!
Thanks for popping by and to leave a comment !
and...i'm discovering is absolutely FANTASTIC !!! LOOOOOOOVE THIS LO !! SOOO COOL AND...don't worry about the mess.. i think we ALL have the same problem ! last time i spend (no kidding!) nearly 2 hours just looking for something in particular for a LO. grrrrrrr !! but at the end...when the page looks pretty good,'s not so bad !! :) I'm coming back to your blog !! love it !!
Brigitte from Australia :)

Roz said...

Pam, I can't even see your bin for all the mess, hee hee. Love the layout though, so well worth the destruction.