Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas ramblings.

I visited Lisa's blog today, and she was talking about houses decorated for christmas. When I was a kid, growing up in Australia, my parents would take us kids all around town to look at the decorated houses. It was just so exciting- a summer's evening, lots and lots of kids out in their pj's, wide eyed with the anticipation of seeing Santa. Most of the houses had snow scenes, which was really funny considering how hot it was. A couple of the stores had Santa come to visit. He used to arrive on the roof of the store and throw out gifts into the crowd below. We would all go scrabbling about, trying hard to be one of the lucky ones to end up with a gift- usually a ruler, or eraser with the name of the shop on it. Then we would go home, knowing it was time to go to bed to wait for Santa to arrive. When my kids were little I took them to Australia one Christmas, and they too had this experience, although they don't remember. I must find the photos and scrap them. Over here in Scotland you don't see many decorated houses. Many people find them 'tacky'. Well maybe they are, if you are seeing them through adult eyes, but from a kid's point of view, they are just pure magic. My kids will have different memories of Christmas- lots of snowy ones when we lived in Aberdeenshire, and now the magic of Edinburgh at Christmas.

Take a look at the first three photos in my minibooks etc gallery, on the sidebar to the right.

The photos are an idea for a little christmas album to prepare in advance of Christmas. This was a tin of coloured pencil bought at the pound shop. Empty the pencils out, decorate the tin, make a little album. Then on christmas day when everyone has their after dinner slump, all you have to do is download and print off some photos and stick them in. This one was given to an uncle, in his 90's, whose memory is failing- a little reminder of Christmas day spent with us, to take away with him.

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Anonymous said...

That IS sad Pam, that they don't do it much over there. You described your childhood experience well, I could really picture in their pyjamas :) I don't suppose you'd get too many kids in their p.j's at night now, people are'nt as casual as they once were. The tin/album is a fantastic idea.