Sunday, December 02, 2007

Revamp continued

Well, I am gradually changing my blog and adding some of my favourite links in. I have lost some of those, and need to find them again before I can add them, but I can't insert a slideshow. Anyone able to help? I've got my slideshow in Photobucket ready to go. I click on add a new page element, slideshow, but then when the page comes up it isn't clear how to add in the link. Please help me if you know what to do.


Bethany Kartchner said...

You probably need to click on edit html and cut and paste the html code that you get from photobucket. I did my slide show with flickr and that is what I did. Hope this helps!

BTW, love your stuff! Gorgeous!

Tracie Hudson said...

Blogs looking good Pam.....ummmm I agree cut and paste html code in to the template.