Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it true?

I received a pm on UKS congratulating me on being a runner up in Scrapbooker of the Year, a competition run by The Scrapbook Magazine. That's the first I've heard about it-is it true?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A is for Art gallery (photojournal)

I had a really nice weekend, especially on Sunday. I decided to do Art galleries for letter A of my A-Z of Edinburgh, so Emily and I went to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art here in Edinburgh. There are two buildings across the road from each other, both very grand and imposing. I particularly liked the Dean gallery. There was an interesting exhibition about Sir Basil Spence, an Edinburgh architect who has designed buildings all over the world- buildings ranging from cathedrals and embassies, to council housing and private homes. I always think that if I had my life over again I would have become an architect, which is why I found this particular exhibition so interesting. But my favourite thing in the gallery is the recreation of Eduardo Paolozzi's London studio.

This was such an inspirational space, full of sculptures, and junk ranging from national geographics, children's puzzles, wooden tools, paper, books- all kinds of things to alter, adapt and make art from- and a high platform bed. So no packing anything away at night for Eduardo, just create, then climb up the ladder to sleep, then start all over again in the morning. Heaven!
You can see some of my A-Z photos on the link at the right.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Free online photography course

2 peas has a free photography course running- and guess what? I understand it. It's a great course, simple notes and assignments that lead you through the various settings on your camera. I have had serious difficulty getting my head around photography, but this course is working for me. Why not check it out here:

12 Week Course

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I mentioned earlier that I've joined the A-Z challenge on It's a Creative World. I am making an art journal- a place to play with different media, experiment and have fun. It won't be beautiful- it's not meant to be- I am just hoping to be a bit more free and easy, rough and ready, and learn along the way. So here is my journal cover;

And here is page 1- A is for aluminium foil, alcohol inks and acrylic paint- and Art!

Monday, January 21, 2008


I went to our local crop on Saturday-it was an extra long crop-12 hours! I love going to the crop- BUT I don't love scrapping at the crop! I enjoy the social aspects, chatting with people, having a laugh, but as for scrapping- it's not the place for me. I find it hard to plan page kits to take with me- that's not how I scrap. I like to have all my stash at my disposal. I like to be able to change my mind about designs, materials etc, and I can't do that at a crop. I did manage to get quite a few things done on Saturday, mostly finishing off the projects from Scrapaganza, but of course these were kits, with the classes designed by someone else. So I have decided to set myself little projects just for crops- mini albums for example.

Last year I worked on my sister's wedding album at the crop. That worked well. Everything for the album was kept in a project box and I was able to grab the box and take it to the crop. That was the only time I worked on the album. I was able to do the more creative stuff at home. So what projects can I do this year? Well a 2009 calendar for one. (Well the LO s for the calendar anyway). So this is what I plan to do. At the end of each month I will use photos taken that month to create a LO to go on next years calendar. by the time december comes I will only have to attach the LOs to a calendar and hey presto- calendar completed!

This year I also plan to do and A-Z of Edinburgh, so will leave that for the crop as well- at the end of the year, an album finished.

One nice thing on Saturday was that some of us did demonstrations. We had fabupous demonstartions of different masking techniques, and also of using paint to make your own papers. they were both inspirational demos. I did a demo about making a 3d concertina LO like this one I did about Jack: just something a little bit different for fun!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pencil Lines

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I got an email from Anna to ask if I could be the guest designer for Sunday's Pencil Lines sketch. Now, it was 10 in the evening on Saturday when I opened the email. It seems someone else was lined up to do the sketch but that fell through. So, how could I not agree-Pencil Lines is such a great site! So Anna sent me the sketch on Sunday morning, but since I had already planned to take Emily and her pal over to Dunfermline to go to Primark, I knew it was going to be a rush job. I have to admit my heart sank when I saw the sketch, not because I didn't like it, (it's a great sketch) but because I knew the hardest part was going to be trawling through my computer to find two large and three supporting photos. I had lots of sets of 3- 4 photos from an event, but not 5 suitable ones. Anyway, I eventually managed to cobble together a couple of Emily cooking, and then some smaller ones of some of her culinary delights, and I was all set to start. By this time it was 3 o'clock and I had to get the LO done and photographed, a bio written and a photo of myself to Anna by 7. (I also had to make lasagna for tea during this time.) Anyway, I did it! Actually got it emailed at 6, so an hour before the deadline! I think this is the quickest LO I have ever done. Obviously it helps working from a sketch, and speed scrapping means decisions have to be made with no dithering- no 'will I or won't I? 'here or there?' 'this or that'. So although I may have done this LO differently if I had more time to think about it, I think overall it isn't bad.

So thank you Anna for giving me the opportunity to design a LO for Pencil Lines! So if you have lots of photos to scrap, work from a sketch and set yourself a time limit. It worked for me. -Oh and the lasagna was good too!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snow day!

We've got snow- I just LOVE snow- it makes everything look so pretty. The downside is it makes driving hazardous, and we are planning to go to York and Harrogate tomorrow, If it doesn't stop, we won't be going!
This is the view from my back door!
I've done a couple of layouts over the last few days, I will gradually get them posted, but here's one for starters:

This LO is SO pretty in real life. It is PRIMA paintables paper, and I've painted it with acrylic paint mixed with iridiscent medium. This makes the paint sparkle and shine. I had intended to put a title and layer on some flowers, but the paper is so pretty I thought I would just let it speak for itself. So I just cut around some lines to free up some of the flourishes, and to add dimension to the page, then added some small prima flowers and lots of crystals in the centres of the flowers for some added sparkle. Journalling is hidded away on the tag tucked under the photo.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well 2008 is here. This year I have decided to take on the A-Z challenge at Its A Creative World. I think this challenge will be manageable as 26 letters means two weeks to do each challenge. My A-Z will be art techniques or materials. I am hoping that by the end of 2008 I will have learned lots of new techniques, experimented with lots of different media, gotten my hands painty and inky and sticky, and generally had fun. I've been thinking about prompts for each letter and this what I have come up with so far:
A: acetate, acrylics, alcohol inks, altered art, angels, antique, applique, aluminium
B: bubble wrap, bol, blue, batik, brown, bronze, bollywood, butterfly, buttons, brads, beads, birds, bottletops, brass, brocade, blocks, bling, brayer
C: canvas, colour, crayon, circles, crackle medium, collage, chipboard, corrugated card, copper, chalk, crowns, CDs, cloudy, communication
D: decoupage, drawing, doodling, dots, drips, drizzle, denim, distressing, dominos, dress patterns, dictionary, dymo, dimension, dreams, definitions
E: etching, engraving, envelopes, embroidery, embossing, eyelets, encyclopedia, ephemera
F: form, fonts, feathers, fish, felt, fabric, fruit, fringing, filgree, fibres, foam, floral, folds, foiling, fimo, fray
G: gesso, glaze, glitz, glitter, golf leaf, gauze, grids, graph paper, graphics, glass
H: hinges, hessian, hearts, headlines
I: ink, iridiscent, iris, insects, illuminate, impulse, ivory
J: junk, japanese, journey, journal
K: keys, knots, knitting, kaleidescope
L: luminous, lines, letters, leather, layers, languages, lace, labels
M: metal, mosaics, music, marbling, mica, mesh, maps, message, masks
N: nature, negative, numbers, napkins, netting, newsprint
O: orange, opal, openings, office supplies
P: patina, paint, plastic, pattern, paper, print, positive, pencil,plaid, paint chips, pastels, plaster, pearls, pens, postcard, pockets, pipe cleaners
Q: queen, quilling, quotes, quilting.
R: rose, rubber, ribbon, raffia, rhythm, rickrack, rust, rainbow, rough, rustic
S: spiral, square, slate, shape stencil, stitching, spots, stencil, sea glass, scissors, scribble, size, sandpaper, symbols, stamps, silver, shadow, scrabble,
T: transparency, triangle, text, tape measure, tags, tartan, tissue, thread, tropical, tress, tulle, texture paste, tabs, twigs, tiles, transfer, tiny, travel
U: umber, unfolding, UTTE
V: vellum, velvet, visual, vintage
W: wet, wax, wool, wash, watercolours, wire, wood, wrinkles, weatered, writing
X: xray, xerox
Y: yelloe, yarn
Z: zebra stripes, zig zag