Monday, January 21, 2008


I went to our local crop on Saturday-it was an extra long crop-12 hours! I love going to the crop- BUT I don't love scrapping at the crop! I enjoy the social aspects, chatting with people, having a laugh, but as for scrapping- it's not the place for me. I find it hard to plan page kits to take with me- that's not how I scrap. I like to have all my stash at my disposal. I like to be able to change my mind about designs, materials etc, and I can't do that at a crop. I did manage to get quite a few things done on Saturday, mostly finishing off the projects from Scrapaganza, but of course these were kits, with the classes designed by someone else. So I have decided to set myself little projects just for crops- mini albums for example.

Last year I worked on my sister's wedding album at the crop. That worked well. Everything for the album was kept in a project box and I was able to grab the box and take it to the crop. That was the only time I worked on the album. I was able to do the more creative stuff at home. So what projects can I do this year? Well a 2009 calendar for one. (Well the LO s for the calendar anyway). So this is what I plan to do. At the end of each month I will use photos taken that month to create a LO to go on next years calendar. by the time december comes I will only have to attach the LOs to a calendar and hey presto- calendar completed!

This year I also plan to do and A-Z of Edinburgh, so will leave that for the crop as well- at the end of the year, an album finished.

One nice thing on Saturday was that some of us did demonstrations. We had fabupous demonstartions of different masking techniques, and also of using paint to make your own papers. they were both inspirational demos. I did a demo about making a 3d concertina LO like this one I did about Jack: just something a little bit different for fun!

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Cath said...

Wow, that concertina LO is brilliant, well done!
I find the same at crops, love the chatting, gossiping and coffee and cakes but never get much scrapping done haha