Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A is for Art gallery (photojournal)

I had a really nice weekend, especially on Sunday. I decided to do Art galleries for letter A of my A-Z of Edinburgh, so Emily and I went to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art here in Edinburgh. There are two buildings across the road from each other, both very grand and imposing. I particularly liked the Dean gallery. There was an interesting exhibition about Sir Basil Spence, an Edinburgh architect who has designed buildings all over the world- buildings ranging from cathedrals and embassies, to council housing and private homes. I always think that if I had my life over again I would have become an architect, which is why I found this particular exhibition so interesting. But my favourite thing in the gallery is the recreation of Eduardo Paolozzi's London studio.

This was such an inspirational space, full of sculptures, and junk ranging from national geographics, children's puzzles, wooden tools, paper, books- all kinds of things to alter, adapt and make art from- and a high platform bed. So no packing anything away at night for Eduardo, just create, then climb up the ladder to sleep, then start all over again in the morning. Heaven!
You can see some of my A-Z photos on the link at the right.

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Enfys said...

Love the photos. Not so sure about some of the Art! And what I wouldn't give for a studio like that!