Saturday, March 29, 2008

More experimenting..

Still experimenting with napkins, paint, a bit of collage etc.

You can see the texture that forms when a napkin is glued to the card. I rubbed an ink pad lightly over the surface to enhance the texture. The scroll was done with texture paste through a stencil, and then copper embossed. The PVA was too wet and so the cardstock is somewhat warped, but I'm still learning!

I'm off to Madrid for 5 days and I can't wait...

Monday, March 24, 2008


In 1447 monks of the Franciscan Order came to Edinburgh and established a monastery here. They were medical missionaries working with the poor and remained until they were forced to flee to Europe at the time of the Reformation.The garden of the Greyfriars was given to the town by Mary Queen of Scots in 1562 as an overflow cemetery to relieve the overcrowding in the churchyard of St Giles.

Here are some closeups of some of the headstones in Greyfriars churchyard. I have always been fascinated by graveyards, and have visited lots all over the world, but I have never seen gravestones like these before. Most gravestones are about peace, heaven, angels etc, but never have I seen skeletons carved into the gravestones. I wonder what the beliefs behind these carvings are?

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Greyfriars Bobby

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Sunday turned out to be dry so I went out with my camera to take some pictures of my A-Z of Edinburgh. G is for Greyfriars, a part of Edinburgh in the medieval old town. There is the most fascinating graveyard at Greyfriars Kirk. Most people know the story of Greyfriars Bobby, the famous Skye Terrier who was so devoted to his master John Gray, that for fourteen years Bobby lay on John Gray's grave only leaving for food. The inscription on John Gray's grave reads:
"John Gray - died 1858 - Auld Jock - Master of Greyfriars Bobby - Even in his ashes most beloved"
This photo collage is about that story. If you click on the pictures you will get a closer look.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Lately I've been admiring the work of Gloria Froese, and the napkin technique of Kate Mason, so I decided to experiment using both these fantastically talented scrappers as inspiration. The above LO is the result.
SO here's what I did to make this LO.
First I chose a blue bazzil cardstock. I then adhered a white napkin with a check border-You can just see this napkin by the butterfly mask. I used watered down PVA , and in fact this was much too wet, and the napkin almost disintegrated. But that was okay, because when it was dry it gave added texture.
I added some book paper, and graph paper in two corners, and a piece of torn napkin-the brown flowers, (Thanks Kimmy.) At this stage the whole thing looked very unpromising.
I drybrushed some cream and some gold acrylic paint here and there, particularly on the edges of the napkins and book paper.
I then used PVA to adhere some sheer lace down the page (you can see it under the left of the photo.
Next I used painted bubblewrap to print some circles around about.
Then adhered the photo which is an old one of me that I scanned and enlarged. I dipped the edge of an old ruler into paint and printed a border around the photo.
I then used a homemade butterfly mask, sprayed with glimmer mist in the top left hand corner. I added some lace across the photo. The flower embellishment was cut from an old top of mine. It was a bit too clean so I dipped it into walnut ink before adhering it to the page. The words are a mixture of stamping and rub ons.
The butterfly at the bottom is an Autumn Leaves stamp, embossed with copper.
Lastly, I inked the edges of the whole page.
Overall I'm really pleased with the result. Scrapping like this is very forgiving-mistakes can be so easily covered up with paint or collage elements. It's as style that works really well with these old, less than perfect photos. It's a style that has a complexity about it- it invites questions about how different effects were acheived and best of all it's so much fun to do.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A-Z ART Journal-E is for

E is for Envelope and Embossing. Well for my art journal anyway. I took three envelopes and adhered them together to make a little concertina accordian book. Then I painted it with Blonde Moments pink acrylic paint- this paint is gorgeous-it is very shimmery and iridescent. Then stamped and heat embossed with silver. The stamps are scripts and postmarks, because these suited the envelope theme. My original idea was to put little tags in the envelopes with little art projects, also starting with e, like etching, or embroidery. I have put an little dry embossed envelope in one, but haven't filled the other two yet. Who knows, maybe one day I will create something to put in the other two. I think a little envelope book like this would be a lovely gift to give someone, containing for example, baby or wedding photos, or even themed quotes.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've been tagged

By Jeni

7 Random facts about me:

1. I was born in one of the most remote, hottest parts of Australia-Tibboburra, in far west NSW.

2. My beverage of choice is Earl Grey tea- love it!

3. I trained as a primary teacher in Adelaide, South Australia.

4. I like listening to female singers- anything from Patsy Cline, and Dusty Springfield to Amy McDonald and Amy Winehouse!

5. I'm inclined to be a bit on the lazy side!

6. I took a year off when I was young and back packed around Europe and Asia.

7. If I had my life over I would be an architect, not a teacher.

So who to tag?

Tracie, Lisa, Lauren, Lori, Helen,

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Itty Bitty Scrap Shack

Over the last few weeks Ive been involved in a challenge over at Itty Bitty Scrap Shack. I really enjoy these challenges -they make me think outside the box, and push my creativity. This week the challenge was to use paint, chipboard, sewing and repeating elements on a LO. This is mine:

This LO took forever, because my sewing machine would not cooperate. The thread kept tangling up, and it kept missing stitches. Now this is not such a problem sewing on fabric, but on paper and card you are left with holes. So I had no alternative but to unthread the machine and to continue sewing. That meant I then had to go back and hand sew all the holes. I also decided to make a leaf embellishment using vellum and hand sewing-that also took a lot of time. The resulting LO is quite different form my recent LOs. I usually like to tilt my photos and the use torn paper, lots of layering and ink. This LO however is quite plain and very linear.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Organised chaos

I am not a stamper, but since taking up scrapbooking I have developed an interest in other arts/crafts- mini books, cards, art journal, mixed media, photography, and now I am beginning to see the possibilities stamping has to offer, both as an art form itself, and to use with other art forms. Over the years I have aquired stamps-some wooden block ones, but mostly acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps. I've avoided wooden block stamps because of the amount of storage space required. Until today I have just thrown my stamps in a 12" x 12" plastic box:

This was okay, but as I have acquired more stamps, trawling through this box to find the right stamp was a bit of a chore, and resulted in a mess like this:

So today I organised them. I bought some CD cases from ASDA, arranged all the unmounted stamps in the cases, cut paper to size, stamped the images onto the paper and hey presto-my chaos is now organised:

And this is how I store them in my cupboard

Organisation- don't ya just love it?

How long will it stay this way?