Monday, March 17, 2008

A-Z ART Journal-E is for

E is for Envelope and Embossing. Well for my art journal anyway. I took three envelopes and adhered them together to make a little concertina accordian book. Then I painted it with Blonde Moments pink acrylic paint- this paint is gorgeous-it is very shimmery and iridescent. Then stamped and heat embossed with silver. The stamps are scripts and postmarks, because these suited the envelope theme. My original idea was to put little tags in the envelopes with little art projects, also starting with e, like etching, or embroidery. I have put an little dry embossed envelope in one, but haven't filled the other two yet. Who knows, maybe one day I will create something to put in the other two. I think a little envelope book like this would be a lovely gift to give someone, containing for example, baby or wedding photos, or even themed quotes.


g said...

THIS is just GORGEOUS!!!

C70 said...

That is such a beautiful project!