Sunday, August 17, 2008

A-Z Art journal

I am a bit behind in uploading my A-Z art jornal pages. Now you need to understand this is all new to me and I am experimenting with different media, loving every minute of it and learning lots. And when we experiment we make mistakes right? And that's how we learn. It doesn't matter if it's perfect if we have learned from it. One thing I have learned is that this type of art is very forgiving-if something doesn't work you can paste or paint over it and often the build up of layers leads to more interesting pages.

So here's N:
N for newsprint, numbers, napkins and negatives. first I pasted on some newsprint, and black and white napkin flowers, then stamped the numbers over with acrylic paints, then stamped the wee red numbers.

Here's O:
O is for orange and office supplies and openings. This is done on an office envelope, with an opening at the side. I painted the envelope orange, pasted on an invoice, inked in shades of orange, then pasted a picture of an orange cut from a napkin. It was looking beautiful and then I decided to add the quote by printing direct from my computer onto the piece. BUT (and this is what I learned from this piece)-it wasn't completely dry and as a result the ink ran. Now in some circumstances this might be an interesting effect, but not on this piece! Actually, that whole waiting thing with mixed media is challenging for me. I want to be able to plough on and finish my bits and pieces, and all this waiting for things to dry or set is SO HARD!

Here's P:
P is for paint, and pattern and patina and purple. I have tried to build patina by the layering different colour paints, stamps and different translucency's. Purple-well I started with purple, but it's not a colour I feel comfortable with, so it has been toned down with blue and gold. A stamped pattern was applied, but much of it has been covered by the paint layers, but it does show through from time to time. Finally, I added a quote about paint.


Sue said...

LOl Behind..I had intended to do this and took the blinki off my blog in the end as i was so ashamed that i hadn't even started!
Its looking great BTW! :)

manda said...

This is such a cool idea, Pam. I think you have 'executed' your alphas quite well!

manda said...

What a cool concept! I think you've executed your alphas well!

Sarah said...

the annoying thing is, if you wanted to recreate that great look with the type - ie kind of blurred but still perfectly legible - you probably couldn't!

(and it's probably not great for your printer either :))

I am impatient too - I tend to use my heat gun a lot - but some stuff you just have to walk away and leave it overnight.

love all the pages by the way - the orange one is my favourite I think, despite (or maybe because of) the runny text

I still have O, P, Q and R to do - I'd better get a move on!