Friday, December 26, 2008


Hello family and friends...
Here are some Christmas photos.

First Emily decorating the gingerbread house. For some years now we have bought one of these-flatpacked of course-from IKEA. I usually help Emily with the decorating but this year left her to do it-after I had assembled it. ( I always assemble all the flat packs in out house!) Emily made the icing too runny and all her smarties kept sliding off the roof. She got a bit bored after some time and left it half finished. I came along later to finish it, but forgot to take a final photo!

On Christmas day this year we had out meal in the evening. This is so much better because it meant we could go out in the daytime. After we had opened some presents Emily and nanny went to visit Uncle Jackie in his nursing home, while I took Jack for a driving lesson. The roads were quiet so it was a good chance for him to practise on real roads. It was still quite nerve wracking though! After lunch we all went for a drive to Yellowcraigs beach and had a lovely walk.

Emily, Jack and Malcolm had fun on the climbing frame-you are never too old for a play park!

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We came home and I started the cooking. We had a traditional turkey dinner, but this year we had pavlova instead of Christmas pudding. It was a joint Emily/Pam effort- and it was delicious!

and finally-I played around with photographing our Christmas tree!


Lisa Dawn said...

Hi Pam! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Nice to spend time out enjoying nature. The beach is so rugged and beautiful looking. AND the park looks great and I would love to have a play in it myself..
lol I see you got some play time in yourself with your camera and the tree... lovely photo! Hope you have a great New Year as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am loving the look of the pavlova! Yummo, I bet
Fabulous pictures Pam - looks like your Christmas was lots of fun

Julie said...

Pam, your photos look awesome!
We had pavlova too...courtesy of Nigella fact we had a Nigella recipe xmas!

Hope you have a wonderful new year!