Sunday, December 07, 2008

mother and daughter day out:

Emily and I had a great day yesterday. First we did some christmas shopping at Cameron Toll, then we went into the city centre. We had lunch in Howie's-Emily had yummy banoffee pie for dessert-I didn't have any desert because I was full after my braised beef meal.

After lunch we wandered through the fun fair:

to the German market-so many pretty things:

Emily tried on some german felt hats:

We went for a look in Cath Kidson:

and LOVED this inspiration board in the shop:

We came home and did the crowabout collage challenge, Mine:

and Emily's-this is the first time she has ever done anything like this-and I think she's done well. She kept asking-'am I allowed to-....' and found it hard to get her head around the notion that's there is no right and wrong, it's just about having fun, problem solving and thinking!!

It was a pleasure to spend time together today-no teenage moods, just a lovely, happy, fun girl!

I've been playing along with Tim Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas -which is a bit of a problem because I don't have a lot of the kit required for all the different techniques, but I try to improvise! Anyway, tonight I combined Tim with this weeks Mixed Media Monday prompt, which is HOME. I've got a way to go with this mixed media business, and with stamping in particular, but I enjoy having a go!

so what a great weekend I've had!!


* said...

That looks like a really nice day together, and that pie looked oh so good. I have to agree that inspiration board was killer!!!!

Anonymous said...

fab artwork :)

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful piece, Pam! And tell Emily she is so lucky to have had that desert - I'm jealous! Diane

Janice xxxx said...

That's a fab quote re the Butterfly Pam. And what a lovely time you've had with Emily. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you get quality times like that!

manda said...

Pam it sounds like such a lovely day! all those beautiful candles and deccas at the German markets - how did you make it home? The inspiration board - definitely inspiring. and both you and Emily are very clever - love the pages, especially your Mixed Media one.

By the way - the last hat in the collage - i love that one on Emily - looks great.

Pam M said...

Banoffee pie I tasted that last year & was hooked, so yummy those mine never looks quite like that on presentation LOL
Would love to see that market & love your girls work, beautiful

giddy up said...

What a great time for you and your daughter... I am in the Collage Play with Crowabout group and love your work I have seen on Flickr.

kathy mc said...

I love all of your art work.