Saturday, January 03, 2009

Art Journal

Well at the beginning of a new year we are supposed to make resolutions.

Well I gave up doing that years ago. I figure if you want to do something, or change something, why wait until a new year? Also why resolve to do things that are doomed to fail, like no chocolate, or being a super housekeeper?

But this year I thought I would make some resolutions.

1. Keep an art journal-but no pressure on how often. I just want to have fun, experiment and maybe record some of my thoughts.

2. Attempt the photo a day challenge-365 daily photos during 2009. I have kept it up for 3 days now! I wonder if I'll last a week? You can check my photography blog link on the right to keep track. OK family? You will get a feel for our life if you check the photography blog.

Anyway, every New Years Eve we each share out top 10 highlights of the past year. So I did my list as an art journal entry, so here it is!


Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

This is great. A how to on the top 10 page would be great if you get the time. Love it.

manda said...

neat idea, Pam. looks great.

Julie said...

I am aiming to keep my art journal going a lot longer this year too Pam. Looks really good!

Lisa Dawn said...

that's a great start to your art journal Pam. have fun playing in it

domestic goddess said...

good luck on teh 365, its well worth the hardwork!