Sunday, March 01, 2009


I like to participate in the CROWABOUT group from time to time.
Nancy posts a page of random images, and the idea is to use the images to create a collage, or art journal page. It's kind of like doing a jigsaw-but with all the pieces coming from different puzzles.I love joining in because it gets the old grey cells working..
Anyway, this is my latest effort!

Wht not have a go-you might just unleash something you didn't know you had.
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Illy said...

It's a real piece of art! fantastic! And... it make me think of my mum... I don't eat fruit or vegetables so it's hard to her cooking for me! ;-P

Anonymous said...

this is a great page! I can so relate!!! %)

Julia Dunnit said...

Great and true words! Visit my blog for an award!

BlueRidgeLady said...

I still laugh and laugh when I see this page, I still love it!