Saturday, April 04, 2009

Acrylic Album

I made this little acrylic tag album from a Woodware tag album from Scrapbook Sisters. The papers are Prima.
This album is a mixture of chipboard and acrylic, so I used some of the chipboard for the front and back cover, and the acrylic for the inner pages.
I'm going to try to explain the process of assembling this album for the benefit of my sister Judy. So Judy this is for you.
The beauty of acrylic albums is the transparent pages, so when designing an album you want to try to keep parts of the pages see through, giving little glimpses of what is coming.
You can see on my first page how you can see through and get a hint of what is on the other pages. (You can click on the images for a closer view-and of course this has been photographed on a white background so you won't get the full transparent effect.)

On this album I first inked all the edges with Stazon ink, to provide a bit of definition.

The easiest way to design an album is to start at the back page. Use double sided patterned paper on the front side, and that way you have also got the reverse covered. I use herma adhesive to adhere the paper. Keep the adhesive to the middle of the paper so it will be covered by the photos. On your back page you can cover more of the page with paper and embellishments. Choose embellishments that are symmetrical shapes, like flowers or circles, because whatever you place on one side will need to be covered by an identical shape on the reverse. Or you can use rubons that will show through on both sides (but not alphabet or word rubons, otherwise they will appear back to front on the reverse side of the page!)

When your last page is complete, place your second last page on top, and arrange patterned papers and embellishemts, ensuring they take up slightly less of the page, giving a view of the underneath page.
Continue as above for the remainder of the pages.

At this stage you will have completed only one side of the pages. Now you will need to flip the pages over and work on the reverse side.
What ever you put on the front will need to be covered on the reverse.
The reverse side will be a mirror image of the front side, as you can see in the pictures below.

Well that's my process for an acrylic album. I hope you found it useful.
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Judy said...

Pam, this is lovely and so helpful.I did not realise that the reverse side had to mirror the front.
I managed to work out how to enter The Creative Type challenges but in doing so I registered twice on Flickar. Can you tell me how to delete one of these?

jo said...

This is stunning Pam - have never tried acrylic.

manda said...

nice work, Poss!

Scrappydog said...

Pam the album is fantastic!! WOW!

Meg Giroux said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by my blog ! OMG I love how super duper cute your blog is!!!

What a awesome album this is....Wonderful job!

Julie said...

This is lovely Pam, and you have described it so well!

Sue said...

Love the book and the detailed instructions, although I have done an acrylic book I approached it in a totally different way, thank you for making it easier.

CoventryAnn said...

Really useful clear instructions. Lovely book!

Judy said...

I made a clear album using your technique at the retreat.I will put it on my blog in the next day or so.