Thursday, April 02, 2009

The CreaTive Type

Aren't these the cutest little journalling spots?

Well they could be all yours!
All you have to do is participate in the latest challenge @ The Creative Type
and you never know you might just win them!!

Here is my LO for the latest prompt:


Jeni Boisvert said...

Cute layout pam! omg your blog is SOOOOO cute, i haven't had time to blog hop that much. So happy i stopped in!

Judy said...

I cannot work out how to upload for " The Creative Type" challenges.
Can you help?

Tracie H said...

Love your blog background Pam! Its so funky!
A great LO too - as always.

Re Makaton - I thought BSL would have been the preffered choice, but nephews consultant prefers Makaton for under 2's - especially if they are non verbal, which my nephew is.
If you have any good pointers for advice I'd appreciate them :D

Wendy said...

i really like this layout Pam, it is wonderful!

Wendy said...

your creative type lo is just great Pam. I really like it!

Judy said...

I left a message with my blog name on the CT message board. Is this correct as I could not attach a link. I have also uploaded a photo of LO to Flicka but cannot see it. I am not very patient with IT stuff. By the way I have just had my 5th treatment for a root canal (one my visit for the final crown.) On a previous tooth I had a similar experience to yours and opted to have it removed to have instant pain relief. I regret this decision so don't have your tooth removed.