Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last summer we spend a fantastic week at Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy. I LOVE Italy-the historic sights, the scenery, the climate, the food, the shopping, the people. Everything! In fact Emily and I are going to Rome in October. It is so sad to watch the scenes of devastation from the recent earthquake on the news. Watching the memorial service for the dead was truly heartbreaking. It makes me appreciate even more the fortunate life that I lead.
Here is a double layout that shows some of the beautiful sights around Lake Maggiore.
Click for a close up.

The papers are Kaisercrafts. When I ordered these papers online I had a completely different set of photos in mind, but when they arrived the colour was different from what I thought they would be-one of the shortcomings of not having a LSS. Anyway I thought these colours went well with my photos from Italy-the red suited the colour of the buildings in the photos-and of course red, white and green are the colours on the Italian flag! Perfect!
I am off to Prague tomorrow for a few days-see what I mean about leading a fortunate life?

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lisa Dawn said...

Have a great time in Prague!
Yes, so far a lot of us have been very fortunate, and I believe that so many don't deserve the misfortune that has befallen them.
earthquakes are a worry in a lot of countries and it hits close to home for me.
take care in Prague.

Sandie Grisé said...

love the layout! I dream of going to Italy,I hope visit there soon!
I grew up in California and know about all about earth quakes and the chaos that goes on after one happens. Enjoy your time in Prague! Take loads of pictures and share them with us!

Judy said...

I love this. Your photos are stunning.

Euphoria said...

lovely layout! GREAT & Beautiful photos!!!

Lucy Edson said...

What beautiful photos from your trip! I love the way you arranged them for a 2 page layout - I always get lost when I try to do one.

Hope your trip to Prague is wonderful!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Perfect is what it is - lovely LO Pam.

Aga said...

Hi Pam and thanks for visiting my blog :) I have really enjoyed reading through yours and look forward to coming back often.
Aga xx
PS. hope you are having a great time in Prague!

Deb G said...

Hi Pam!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such beautiful comments!!! *hugs*
I am sooo jealous!! Look at all the places youve been to!!! *sigh* never left Australia.....but still..Im a happy lil vegemite!!
Your work is amazing!!!!I love that your style is so full of colour.Beautiful.Love, Deb Gxx

Heather said...

Hope your having a fabulous time Pam. Loving the wonderful colours on this blog as well as on your gorgeous pages, wow! Take care

cardesque said...

your layouts are fabulous Pam, so colourful, perfect!
I have a little something on my blog for you:)


Julie Corfield said...

Fab layout Pam - you kick-ass at double pages lol!!!