Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was asked by Angela from Angelcrafts to design this week's class on the home page of UKS, and fortuitously she sent Kaisercrafts products for the class. So I thought I would share the class here. Maddie-I hope you like it!!

Angel Crafts Class
White cardstock
Patterned paper-Kaisercrafts Sweets Collection
Kaisercrafts Rhinestones
Chipboard flowers
White ribbon
Alphabet (Heidi Swapp)
Popdots or adhesive foam pads
Ink pad

border punch or decorative scissors
embossing folder

About this Design:
The colours in this paper collection are Analogous Colours. This means the colours are right next to each other on the colour wheel. Analogous colours match extremely well, but they also create almost no contrast. They are easy on the eye and make serene and comfortable designs. However they can appear flat and lifeless, so in order to add interest we need to add other design elements. In this layout I have used white cardstock to provide contrast, inked all edges with a rusty brown ink pad to provide definition, and added texture through embossing, use of ribbon and rhinestones. Dimension has been added by the use of chipboard and raising some elements with popdots.

Step by Step:
Patterned paper background:
Take Crème Caramel paper, find the circle pattern at the top of the paper and cut around the circle outline to make a scallop edge. Cut accurately because you will be using both edges of the cut paper. It may be best to use a craft knife to cut accurately. Cut the strip about 1” from the bottom of the scallops. Ink edges. Adhere both paper strips towards the top of the cardstock, leaving a small gap to allow the white cardstock to show through.
Cut a strip from the pink side of the Crème Caramel paper and punch a decorative edge. Ink and adhere to the top strip of the circle paper. If you don’t have a border punch, or decorative scissors, then use a straight edged strip.
Using the orange heart side of Sugar Cookie paper, cut a 6” strip, ink edges and adhere under the scallop edge.
Cut a thin strip, (about 0.5”) of pink Crème Caramel paper, ink edges and adhere, leaving a small gap to allow the white cardstock to show through.
Cut a 1” strip of raspberry stripe paper. Ink edges. Punch a row of ribbon holes. Thread ribbon and adhere the strip, leaving a gap to allow the white cardstock to show through.
Using the circle side of Crème Caramel paper punch or cut a decorative border. Ink edges and adhere, again leaving a gap to allow the cardstock to show through.
Adhere the photograph.
Add embellishments, title and journaling strips.
Run an inkpad around the outside of the layout.

Using patterned paper, trace around flowers, cut out slightly inside the traced line.
Emboss the paper in an embossing folder. Run an ink pad gently over the raised parts. Adhere to chipboard flowers and ink edges. (If you don’t have an embossing system, to provide texture scrunch up the paper and then flatten out. Run an ink pad over the creases and adhere as above.)
Adhere a knotted ribbon to the centre of one flower, and rhinestones to the centres of the other flowers. (It is easiest to apply the adhesive rhinestones using tweezers.) Adhere the flowers to the page using pop dots.

1. Using Butterscotch paper cut out 3 pairs of hearts-small, medium and large.
2. Take a matching pair of hearts, adhere the heart tips together and open out the tops of the hearts to form butterfly wings.
3. Emboss (or scrunch) the butterflies, run an ink ad over the raised parts, ink edges.
4. Using tweezers, adhere rhinestones to form the butterfly bodies.
5. Adhere two thin strips of paper to form antennae.
6. Adhere butterflies to the page using pop dots.


Sue said...

Pam it's gorgeous, the colours and the embelishments. I love it!

Meg Giroux said...

Pam this is super pretty! I love all the butterflies and the flower cutouts that you did! Thanks for the tutorial!

Hope you have a great week!

Love the new cherry background to your blog....cute!!!

Julia said...

Wow Pam this is lovel! Right up my street as they say! LOL. Love how you have done the butterflies. I would never have thought of that and will have to use the idea in future. Your work is always an inspiration. Thanks

deb said...

Pam - what a lovely lovely layout. I love all your embellishments and the tutorial is great - thanks.

Julia Dunnit said...

I love it. Beautifully taught. Quel inspiration!

Melissa Kennedy said...

Gorgeous layout Pam
Congrats and Welcome too to the Kaiser design team, look forward to getting to know you more over the next 12 months.
Great class BTW

Christiane said...

i'm your fan, girl!! :))

Elizna said...

Such a lovely page....! Love it!

pam M said...

Ohhh thanks for this class Poss I will do this today, since it is my day off

Judith said...

I love this layout. Saw it the other day in the Kaisercraft gallery. Thanks for the tutorial

Kit said...

wow what a beautiful page those embossed flowers are so lovely, did you cuttlebug them? I may have to give that a whirl