Saturday, May 30, 2009

A new Layout

I've been reading 'The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery' by Karen Michel. What a great book-so inspirational!
So today I had fun trying one of the techniques in the book-altering photos with bleach. I played around with 4 photos today, and got different effects with them all. I think it depends on the photo paper and the type of processing-but that's part of the fun, 'cause you can't be sure what will happen to the photo. So one of the photos I've used in a layout. It's a photo of Jack walking along a beach, but with the bleach treatment it looked like he was walking through hell-and actually it was quite disturbing. So I got out some blue acrylic paint and painted the sky a nice blue, 'cause blue skies always make me feel better, and that really led to the layout.
For this layout I've used a paper napkin straight onto textured cardstock-this gives a canvas effect.
Then I've added some creamy paint, and some cheery bubble wrap printing.
I added some machine stitching and the title I stamped in black acrylic paint.
I've just rediscovered these foam stamps-I'm loving stamping my titles just now rather than using chipboard.
I like the imperfection of paint..Then I stamped the blue birds.
The two birds at the bottom are part of the design on the napkin, but I played around with markers to enhance them a little.
Anyway I am really pleased with how the page turned out.
Actually I LOVE it!!

You really need to click on the image to get a good close up view.
But how come, to make just one layout,
I end up with this mess strewn from one end of the room to the other:

And finally-a chance to win some blog candy-the best I have ever seen!

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Judy said...

It is lovely Pam. Looks tome like you have increased your scrapping storage since I last saw pics of your workspace. We have a scrapping expo here next week and I am doing a clear fairy album class with an American instructor on Saturday then we leave on Sunday. The honeymoon couple returned from LA today but have not seen them yet. Lucas turned 3 today. I think it is time for some more babies.

cardesque said...

Your layout is absolutely stunning Pam! I love the photo effects, the napkins, the birds, the painting......everything! Perfect!


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Wow Pam!! An amazing creation!!! Just gorgeous

Jenneke said...

Wow!!!!!! This is PERFECT!!!! Can't get my eyes of it, it's so beautiful!!!! Those colors, those....everything!! WOW!!
I need to have that book!! LOL

Samantha said...

Awesome layout Pam! And I can totally relate to the mess afterwards. I think it takes me longer to tidy up after doing a layout than it takes to do the page itself!

Lucy Edson said...

Love the bleaching on the photo, Pam! I have that book, too - it is a great one. I also have Altered Imagery by Angela Cartwright - excellent techniques!

This makes me want to go pull my bleach pen out - thanks for the inspiration! :)

deb said...

What a fantastic layout Pam - you are very very creative.

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Just stunning Pam, well done

Peggy said...

Hi Pam, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, especially for the one you left on my daughter's LO. She's so excited to see all the lovely comments she received, you should see her little face light up as I translate everything that is said to her ... she's feeling pretty good about herself right now LOL.
I just found your blog yesterday, and I'm so glad I have. You might have noticed I signed up as a follower right away, I was so impressed by your work. This last LO is gorgeous, the colours are amazing and I love the use of those napkins. It's actually your tutorial on how to use the napkins that led me to your blog, I'm definitely going to try that technique!
Talk to you later (because yes, as you might have noticed, I love to talk LOL)
xxx Peggy

Em said...

That layout is gorgeous Pam. I LOVE the bleach technique.Superb colours too.

Pam M said...

Ohh Poss this is fantastic, yes I think I would have added the blue sky also, love that look, is it just straight bleach brushed over?

Tanya said...

Wow, wow, WOW - Pam this page is stunning! Very arty! Love all the techniques you've used.

Sarah C said...

I just love your LO. You are so talented. I'm going to follow your blog if you don't mind as I'd love to try this technique sometime soon so will be back to see more.

Love, Sarah xx
(UKS name: stillcrafting)

Nicole Maki said...

Wowee! I'm absolutely stunned by your LO and can't wait to go find my foam stamps and to learn more about the paper napkin technique.

Your creation is incredible. Can't wait to enjoy more of your work - I'm going to add you to my bloglist so I don't miss a thing.

Amy Wing said...

Pam, you are my hero. Will you go to the prom with me?