Sunday, July 19, 2009

What have I done?...

I thought it would be a good idea to paint the kitchen. Well it is a good idea-heaven knows it needs it-
BUT one end of my kitchen is my scrap area!
You know what that means-yep, all the scrap stash had to come out from its hiding place.

So now my hall looks like this..

And my loungeroom looks like this:

NOT a good look!
And now my husband knows how much stash I have-and is gobsmacked!
Now I know that I don't have a lot of stash compared to some but I also know I have too much,
so it is not all going back. I am going to thin out what I have and give some way-
and that reorganising and pruning is going to take a whole lot more effort than all that sugar soaping and painting.
The problem with scrapstash is that it all comes in awkward sizes.
If only it was all uniform and could be put way like books on a shelf!
Any tips on organising and storing stash gratefully received.
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Pam M said...

LOL ohhh far too much I would say

Buy a scrapbox

I biught one a few years ago, fantastic, everything to gether in one area, except for the albums ofcourse

Cris said...

Any advice on organization?
I four months ago I moved house, I still have boxes to put things in place, but every time I draw something else in there ...

Incidentally, as you are one of my followers I invite you to participate in my blog candy!

Luck with the reforms ...

Jenneke said...

Hi Pam, you never guess what I've been doing today!! Yes, I cleaned my scrap-room!! Not finished yet, but it allready looks a lot better. And I also have so much stash...
So the only tip I can give you is: collect everything you don't want to keep and make it a 'stash-give-away'!
The one who wins it, has to do the same with her stash and so on.. I saw it on another blog, and I liked the idea.
Hope your trip to Barcelona was great!!
And yes, make a picture of you in your apron, so you can join the club, lol!

Sarah C said...

I know exactly what you mean! I've just decorated the craft end of my bedroom and have a very large box full of things I don't use anymore. Looking at what I kept, where on earth did I put it all??????????

We'll have brilliant looking rooms by the end and won't miss what we discard.

Storage tips? I've bought a CD/DVD cupboard and that's holding loads of stuff. See piccies here. Don't forget to show us your pictures once youve finished

deb said...

Oh Pam what have you done!!! These men are so much happier when they are ignorant about our little hobby. I hope it looks fab when it is all decorated and places found again for it. As Mrs un-organise myself I should not really be offering any advice - but my best thing is the IKEA Epedit storage system. They are huge though. Good luck with this little job!

Julia Dunnit said...

I think you're safe as long as he doesn't know what it's worth!!! You're bound to have loads - you work at it for about 6 DTs. And happy re-organising..I have no tips but I do know how satisfying it is once it's over!!

Tanya said...

wow Pam that is one big stash you have there. Like the comment above mine, I bought the expedit bookcase and desk from Ikea and it is great. You can store so much in each of the cubes and everything is neatly put away (well most of the time anyway)...The desk which attaches to it is also a great space saver if you need it. Hope that helps :)

Sarah said...

Oh dear, it looks like a lot of stash! I use covered shoe boxes for things like ribbons, buttons, stamps etc, and papers are in either plastic flat boxes, or in a file. My tools go in plastic storage boxes (under my bed, shh), and there we have it!
My partner has NO idea how much money I've spent either. I tell him I buy stuff when it's on sale.