Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling better

My back pain has subsided, thank goodness. It was a portent of things to come I think, as age starts to wear down the body.
It's not just my back that reminds me of the passing of time. Mostly it's that the kids. Jack has finished school and is embarking upon the next chapter of his life-as a student at Edinburgh University. It's fresher's week, and tonight he is out at a freshers do. It makes me feel very old when he talks about Uni, rather than school.
So it's fitting that today I post this layout, which was done a couple of months ago for The Scrapbook Magazine.

And yes, I really do have the same feelings as I did when he started school all those years ago. In some ways I am even more anxious for him. At least school was a structured, and pretty secure environment, where he was known to the teachers. He is on his own at University and he really will sink or swim. Let's hope it's the latter!
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Linda Elbourne said...

I hope it is the latter too ... but whatever happens ... he will always have his wonderful Mum who obviously loves him very much X

Angie said...

Wasn't he cute ...not that he isn't still ...... but wouldn't want to be called that lol. Each stage of their life is a worry ... and it never changes.
Great LO ... where did the notes and keyboard come from ... love the the story it tells.

Tanya said...

Another wonderful layout Pam! Congrats to your son entering the next phase of his life!! So glad to hear your back pain has subsided :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Glad you're feeling a little more at ease Pam..horrid thing 'a back'. Love the LO..he's changed, but not really!
Would love to take up your RAK offer, how kind.

Lisa Dawn said...

glad to hear the pain is gone! your layout is great and I wonder did you get a tear or two making it?

Lisa Dawn said...

glad to hear the pain is gone! your layout is great and I wonder did you get a tear or two making it?

Jackie said...

Glad you are feeling better Pam:)
I am sure he will love his time at Edinburgh uni although it is rather different to school. Fab layout and sentiments.

Caroline and Jayne said...

I love this L/O it is great to see first day last day. If you ever feel like sharing your work , entering competitions & challenges come and visit

Pam M said...

Pleased to read your back is on the mend
How exciting for your son to be starting another chapter in his life
Love the LO