Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Distressing...

Following on from my last post I thought I would show another layout using distressing techniques. I wanted to make a modern, fun and colourful layout to show that distressing does not need to be confined to heritage, romantic or nostalgic layouts.

So let's look at the techniques I've used:
  • Freehand tearing of the red and brown background papers
  • Scratching with a pokey tool and tearing around the scratch lines on the shaped yellow paper and the flowers. This way allows greater control over tearing the right shapes.
  • Scrunching and smoothing-the brown paper and the flowers.
  • Rough machine stitching-leave threads hanging too.
  • Sanding around the heart and the photos.
  • Rough pleating of the narrow paper 'ribbons'
  • Painting the edges of the paper. Edges are normally inked, but I used red acrylic paint instead to add a touch of brightness.
I really like the lollipop flowers on this layout. They remind me of the ruffles of the flamenco dresses we saw while we were in Barcelona, and so they are an appropriate embellishment for this page I think.

What I think is interesting is that this layout, and the one in the previous post, both use distressing techniques AND the same range of Basic Grey papers, and yet they have totally different moods.


Angie said...

Wow the way the red inking connects with the shoes and t-shirt in the photo. I always see you work as a complete piece and then I notice the elements and papers is always just right.

sixofone said...

Love the flowers, love the inking, love the distressing, the pleating and stitching. Just love everything about this LO

Claireliz said...

That's gorgeous Pam.

fatmonica said...

Love it all.It's stunning!